Richmond intersection.

Richmond Bridge duplication and traffic improvements

The Australian and NSW Governments have allocated $250 million to deliver traffic improvements including an additional bridge between Richmond and North Richmond area.

Latest news

JAN 2021

JAN 2021Investigation work

Day and night investigation work on Londonderry Road, Richmond from 1 February 2021.

DEC 2020

DEC 2020Continuing planning for the duplication of Richmond Bridge

Transport for NSW is continuing planning for the duplication of Richmond Bridge.

In December of 2019 we presented to the community a range of options and had planned to release a preferred option in 2020. We are continuing to work on the preferred option, have held meetings with property owners and community members. We have also carried out a value management workshop with Transport staff, key stakeholders and members of the project’s community working group.

We are continuing to finalise the Preferred Option Report, and even though we were aiming to release it in 2020, we will now finalise and release it early in 2021.

We will engage widely with the community on the preferred option at that time.

We appreciate the patience and understanding of the community and wish you a very happy and safe holiday season.

NOV 2020

NOV 2020Surveys and ground investigations

Transport for NSW will do surveys and ground investigations along The Driftway over the coming months. These investigations will assist in designing proposed safety improvements between Londonderry Road and Blacktown Road as part of the Richmond Bridge and traffic improvements project.

Project information

The bridge between Richmond and North Richmond provides a vital crossing of the Hawkesbury River, and carries an average of 31,000 vehicles per day with a single lane in each direction.

In 2013, Roads and Maritime Services (now part of Transport for NSW) prepared the Richmond Bridge and approaches congestion study: preferred short term and long term options report. The study identified the need for additional bridge capacity and three intersections upgrades to improve travel times and journey time reliability and provide for future growth.

So far we have:

  • upgraded the intersection of Kurrajong Road and Old Kurrajong Road
  • upgraded the intersection of Bells Line of Road and Grose Vale Road
  • started work to upgrade the intersection of March Street and Bosworth Street.

We are investigating and assessing potential routes to duplicate Richmond Bridge to further improve traffic conditions in North Richmond and Richmond.

The benefits of the Richmond Bridge Duplication and traffic improvements could include: 

  • providing a longer term solution to help in reducing congestion around the Richmond area.
  • reducing travel times
  • improving journey time reliability for public transport
  • improving active transport connections
  • improving flood resilience for residents in Richmond and North Richmond.

Community and stakeholder input is a key component of the project and Roads and Maritime is keen to hear local information and feedback as part of the early planning process.

In 2019 we formed a Community Working Group to play a key role in providing local knowledge to assist in developing a range of potential routes for the proposal. This group has been identified from key stakeholders within the community, and is made up of local community, business, environmental, heritage and flood advisory groups.

Feedback and comments have been taken at our community information sessions, via our online interactive map as well as via phone and email.

  1. As the project progresses, more information about the project, including how and when to provide feedback will continue to be posted on this page.

Following community information sessions in December 2019, Transport for NSW will develop an options report that will be released in 2020. There will be opportunities to provide feedback on the options report, before the preferred option is selected.


  1. Early planning stage
  2. Investigate potential options - WE ARE HERE
  3. Invite community comments on options report
  4. Announce preferred option
  5. Concept design and environmental assessment
  6. Invite community comments on concept design and environmental assessment
  7. Detailed design*
  8. Construction*

*Subject to planning approval and funding release


Project documents

Project notifications

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January 2021 project nofication

Day and night investigation work on Londonderry Road, Richmond from 1 February

November 2020 project notification

Richmond Bridge and traffic improvements project, investigations on The Driftway, Richmond.

November 2019 community update

Richmond Bridge duplication and traffic improvements route investigation.

March 2019 project notification

Richmond Bridge duplication and traffic improvements investigations continuing.

December 2018 project notification

Richmond Bridge duplication and traffic improvements investigations underway.



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