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Newell Highway upgrade, Parkes Bypass

The Australian and NSW Governments are funding the $187.2 million Newell Highway upgrade, Parkes Bypass. The Bypass seeks to improve connectivity, road transport efficiency and safety for local and interstate motorists.

Parkes Bypass Concept Design. Click for a larger version

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Latest news

MAR 2021

MAR 2021Tenders invited for the Parkes Bypass

Work on the Parkes Bypass is a step closer with tenders called today for a major construction partner to build the Australian and New South Wales Government-funded, $187.2 million project.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the call for tenders would be open for eight weeks to allow the best proposals to come forward.

"We know how important this bypass will be for the community at Parkes and for the thousands of vehicles that travel along the Newell Highway everyday - that is why we have committed $149.7 million of Commonwealth funding," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Tenders invited for the Parkes Bypass

JAN 2021

JAN 2021Third package of early work starts on 27 January

Parkes Shire Council, on behalf of Transport for NSW, is starting the third package of local road work on Wednesday 27 January 2021.

This work is the construction of a new local road, between Henry Parkes Way (Condobolin Road) and Back Trundle Road, to replace a section of the existing Moulden Street.

A section of the existing shared path will also be reconstructed as part of this package of work.

To find out more about this package of works, read the January project notification (PDF, 2.27Mb).

Parkes Shire Council has already completed the first two packages of early works:

  • Nock Road was completed in November 2020 and included the permanent closure of Nock Road at the Newell Highway and construction of a bitumen sealed road between the Newell Highway and Bleechmore Road.
  • Reedsdale Road was completed in late December 2020 and created a link road between Mitchell Street and Thomas Street which included construction of a new bitumen sealed road with stormwater improvements and guardrail work.

The third package of work is expected to take eight weeks to complete and we will be working between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

After this is complete a new section of road will be constructed between Brolgan Road and Hartigan Avenue.

In addition to the road construction work there is also a number of utility relocations occurring in the area. The utility works include protection of high pressure gas mains and relocation of water mains, optic fibre, power poles and overhead electrical power.

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Project information

Transport for NSW proposes to build a new 10.5-kilometre bypass on the western outskirts of Parkes to reduce travel time, improve freight productivity and efficiency, pedestrian access through Parkes and traffic flow.

We are delivering this work as part of the $500 million Newell Highway upgrade program to support the interstate freight industry, provide economic growth, and improve access and safety along a vital transport corridor in New South Wales.

The upgrade would involve relocating the highway about two kilometres west, between Maguire Road to the north and Barkers Road to the south - a total length of 10.5 kilometres. The bypass would remove up to 1200 trucks per day from local streets and improve safety for motorists.

The Parkes Bypass will improve:

  • Freight efficiency and productivity
  • Access for high productivity vehicles (double road trains, B-triples, AB triples) through Parkes as well as providing a link to existing road train routes to the west
  • Safety of the railway level crossings
  • Travel times at Forbes Road level crossing (near Hartigan Avenue) and the Welcome level crossing
  • Pedestrian access in Parkes particularly across Bogan Street
  • Access to the Parkes Special Activation Precinct.

The new highway west of Parkes will be about 10.5 kilometres long and key features include:

A two-lane road (one lane in each direction) with five key intersections including:

  • Two T-intersections, north and south between the existing Newell Highway and the Bypass
  • A split T-intersection at London Road
  • A four-way roundabout at Condobolin Road
  • A T-intersection with Bogan Road.

Two bridges:

  • A bridge over two rail lines and Hartigan Ave
  • A bridge over the Bypass on Victoria Street.

An extension of Hartigan Avenue (Henry Parkes Way) with intersection with Brolgan Road, Billy Mac Place and Condobolin Road.

Realignment, reconfiguration and changes to local roads including:

  • Shifting part of Moulden Street to the west
  • Maguire Road and Nock Road converted to cul-de-sacs
  • New connection between Brolgan Road and Hartigan Avenue
  • Connection between Thomas Street and Mitchell Street via the Reedsdale Road extension.

A new shared path for pedestrians and cyclists which will connect Brolgan Road, Condobolin Road and Victoria Street.

Project documents

Review of Environmental Factors

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File Title Size
March 2021 - Appendix C - Construction Noise and Vibration Assessment Report 32.1Mb
January 2021 - Addendum Review of Environmental Factors 112Mb
July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Main report

July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Appendix C - Landscape character and visual impact assessment, landscape concept and urban design report (October 2018)

July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Appendix D - Traffic and transport assessment (October 2018)

July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Appendix E - Operational road traffic noise and construction noise and vibration assessment report (January 2019)

July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Appendix F - Socio-economic assessment (October 2018)

July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Appendix G - Biodiversity assessment report (October 2018)

July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Appendix H - Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal heritage assessment report (October 2018)

July 2019 - Review of Environmental Factors Report

Appendix I - Preliminary site investigation (October 2018)


Media releases

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