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Muswellbrook bypass – New England Highway

The NSW Government is delivering a New England Highway bypass of Muswellbrook. The bypass would improve travel times for long haul freight movements and safety for all road users.

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NOV 2021

NOV 2021Have your say

Transport for NSW is inviting feedback from you about the Muswellbrook bypass concept design and review of environmental factors. There are a number of ways you can get involved, including visiting our virtual consultation room, commenting on the design via the interactive web portal or by calling or emailing the project team.

Virtual information sessions

We recognise the Muswellbrook bypass is important to the community and we are committed to continuing to work with you and adapting to the changing circumstances around COVID-19. We will hold virtual information sessions to ensure you have the opportunity to learn more about the REF and to ask our project teams questions.

Check back in at this page at the following times to attend a virtual information session.

Submissions on the REF close on Friday 17 December 2021 at 5pm.

To have your feedback formally considered, and receive a response in the Submissions Report, make a written submission via:

Project information

The highway currently passes through the centre of Muswellbrook. It is predominately a two lane road, restricted by numerous intersections, varying speed limits and nearby buildings with minimal setback from the road. The highway carries between 11,000 and 20,000 vehicles through the township each day, about 13 per cent being heavy vehicles.

The proposed bypass would reduce the volume of heavy vehicles travelling through Muswellbrook, improving safety and amenity in the township. The proposal would improve travel times by providing a free flow 100 kilometre per hour alternative route.

The preferred route corridor for the bypass was published in July 2018 and a preferred option for the bypass was announced in November 2020. The preferred option included a refined alignment of the bypass south of Coal Road, and full southern and northern connections with the existing New England Highway. Feedback received on the preferred option was considered to further refine and prepare the concept design and environmental assessment for the bypass.

The bypass would have significant benefits including:

  • Improve network efficiency on the New England Highway, particularly travel times for long haul freight movements
  • Improve safety for all road users in the town centre, particularly relating to heavy and light vehicle interactions
  • Improve amenity of Muswellbrook township.

Transport for NSW will prepare a submissions report summarising and providing a response to submissions received during the review of environmental factors display period. The submissions report will outline a summary of any changes to the proposal in response to the submissions and other feedback during the display period.

The community will continue to be informed during the development and construction of the proposal. Transport will also continue to consult with all other relevant stakeholders and government agencies as the proposal develops.

Project documents

Project updates

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November 2021 project update

Concept design and review of environmental factors display.

October 2021 project update

Community feedback on preferred option.

November 2020 project update

Preferred Option November 2020.

February 2019 project update

New England Highway – Muswellbrook bypass.


Review of environmental factors

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November 2021 Muswellbrook bypass review of environmental factors

Muswellbrook bypass – New England Highway

Appendix A

Biodiversity Assessment Report

Appendix B

Socio economic working paper

Appendix D

ISEPP Consultation

Appendix E

Flood Assessment

Appendix F

Mining Assessment Report

Appendix G

Government agencies and stakeholder consultation

Appendix H

Consideration of clause 228(2) factors and Matters of National Environmental Significance and Commonwealth Land

Appendix I

Surface and Groundwater Assessment

Appendix J

Phase I - Contamination Assessment

Appendix K

Traffic and Options Modelling Report

Appendix L

Noise and Vibration Technical Report

Appendix M

Heritage Assessment and Statement of Heritage Impact

Appendix N

Air Quality Impact Assessment Methodology and Data

Appendix O

Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment



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September 2021 Community Consultation report 4.74Mb
July 2018 options report

New England Highway Muswellbrook Bypass.


Media releases

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16 April 2021

Community feedback delivers better bypasses for Singleton amd Muswellbrook

November 2020 - Have your say on the Muswellbrook Bypass 25.3Kb
December 2019 - Muswellbrook Bypass takes a step forward 24.4Kb


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Mail: Muswellbrook bypass project team, Locked Bag 2030, Newcastle NSW 2300

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