Mitchell Highway, Dubbo to Narromine upgrade

The NSW Government has committed $32 million to deliver a number of projects along the 36 kilometre section of the Mitchell Highway between Dubbo and Narromine, providing safe and efficient travel for a variety of vehicle types.

The project includes:

  • Additional overtaking lanes
  • Safety improvement work including road widening, installation of rumble strips, one metre wide centreline and safety barriers
  • Upgrades to intersections and private property accesses

Dubbo to Narromine overtaking lanes

Latest news

NOV 2022

NOV 2022Work starts on new overtaking lane

Work has started on a new overtaking lane for westbound traffic on the Mitchell Highway between Dubbo and Narromine. The overtaking lane will be built near the Wynsley Lane intersection , about 10 kilometres east of Narromine. It is one of 3 new overtaking lanes being built between Dubbo to Narromine. A fourth overtaking lane at Tantitha will no longer be constructed.

View the media release for more information.

MAR 2022

MAR 2022Work on the Lagoon Creek overtaking lane underway

Work has started on the Lagoon Creek overtaking on the Mitchell Highway, 17km west of Dubbo. Safety upgrades will also be delivered at the same time including flexible safety barriers, rumbles strips and wider centrelines.

JAN 2022

JAN 2022Work commencing early 2022

Work to build three new overtaking lanes and safety improvement measures will begin in January at Lagoon Creek on the Mitchell Highway, 17km west of Dubbo.

The new overtaking lane will be around 1.5km long, with the westbound lane widened to provide a new 3.5 metres lane for motorists to pass slower traffic.

Planning is underway for two additional overtaking lanes to be delivered at Mylangra and Tantitha.

MAY 2021

MAY 2021Overtaking lane construction

The overtaking lanes that will be constructed are:

  • Lagoon Creek
  • Mylangra and
  • Tantitha

Initial investigations have been carried out to help inform the detailed design. These investigations identified a number of constraints, including environmental, ecological endangered communities, plants, animals, threatened species and Aboriginal heritage that influence the design. The project team is currently reviewing the design and environmental studies.

Environmental studies, geotechnical investigations and utility works are complete and the detailed design is expected to be approved in June 2021. The project team are continuing to liaise with property owners and key stakeholders with the start of construction expected to commence in April 2022.

Safety improvement work includes:

  • widening of 11 kilometres of the Highway
  • installing rumble strips
  • one metre wide centreline
  • upgrading intersections and private property accesses.
NOV 2020

NOV 2020Overtaking lanes

The additional overtaking lanes on the Mitchell Highway between Dubbo and Narromine were announced by Dubbo MP Dugald Saunders in 2019.

Planning has commenced on the design and environmental studies for the overtaking lanes, and the site survey and assessment work has been completed.

Detailed design is progressing and we expect to announce the three overtaking lanes being built by the early 2021.

Part of the safety upgrades include addressing 13 curves along the highway.

Packaging the three projects along the Mitchell Highway allows for greater efficiencies in development and delivery of this important work saving time and money.

The overtaking lanes are essential to the community, with a large number of residents commuting to work daily between Narromine and Dubbo.

Project information

The Mitchell Highway forms part of the Sydney to Western NSW corridor. It is an important route for freight and livestock transporters, local commuters, tourism operators, caravanners and holiday makers.

A large number of people commute daily between Narromine and Dubbo for employment and recreational activities. Heavy vehicles also make up to about 12 per cent of the daily traffic.

The project objectives include:

  • Reducing travel times
  • Improving safety
  • Increasing overtaking opportunities

Key features of the Mitchell Highway overtaking lanes include:

  • Construction of three overtaking lanes:
  • Lagoon Creek (westbound overtaking lane)
  • Mylangra (eastbound overtaking lane)
  • Wynsley Lane (westbound overtaking lane)

A fourth option was at Tantitha, which is no longer proceeding to construction.

  • Each overtaking lane will be 1.5 kilometres in length
  • Addition of a 1m wide centre line and Audio Tactile Line marking at project locations
  • Improved pavement life and drainage along the project locations
  • Integration with other planned work to improve shoulder width and the road surface along extended lengths of the Mitchell Highway corridor
  • Upgrades to private property accesses and intersections.

Mitchell Highway upgrade

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