Improvements at the Doncaster Avenue and Carlton Street intersection.

Kingsford to Centennial Park walking and cycling improvements

The Australian and NSW Governments are delivering walking and cycling improvements to provide an active transport link between Kingsford and Centennial Park.

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JUN 2022

JUN 2022July to August out of hours work

Please refer to the community notifications section below for all community updates including the latest out of hours work look ahead for July - August 2022 (PDF, 961Kb).

Project information

The project, developed by Randwick City Council and being delivered by Transport for NSW, is part of a $240 million investment by the Australian and NSW Governments to fix congestion hotspots, expand the cycling network and help the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It includes a 2.8km two-way cycleway and shared path improvements along Doncaster Avenue, Day Avenue, Houston Road, General Bridges Crescent and Sturt Street. This will provide the local community and commuters a safe and convenient active transport option and improve accessibiity.

The cycleway will connect the Kingsford Light Rail terminus to the Centennial Park cycleway at Alison Road, Randwick. It will also connect to Randwick City Council’s planned cycleway between South Coogee and Kingsford.

Improvements also include new landscaping and trees, street lighting, traffic calming, seating and bike parking.

The new cycleway will not impact the current number of traffic lanes.

Cycle network map

Cycleway network map

We are committed to encouraging people to walk or cycle as part of their everyday travel. Walking and cycling for commuting and short trips relieve pressure on our roads and public transport networks, and are part of a healthy lifestyle for our communities.

The project will:

  • improve pedestrian and road safety user safety with new crossings, upgraded paths and traffic calming measures
  • improve bike rider safety with a new two-way 2.8km separated cycleway
  • improve accessibility for wheelchairs and prams
  • improve streetscape with new trees, plants and landscaping
  • provide more places to sit and enjoy the surrounds
  • provide more bike parking
  • improve street lighting for safety and security.


Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has awarded the contract to build the cycleway and shared path improvements to Burton Contractors with major construction due to start in February 2022.

Construction work will take up to two years to complete and will be staged to minimise the duration of impact to residents and businesses. Areas will be opened to the community as work is completed.

Construction plans

View the design plans (PDF, 5.68Mb) including tree removal and parking changes.


We will be removing 27 trees and re-planting 89 trees along the project alignment once the cycleway is complete.

This tree removal is required to improve safety, allow for new kerb and footpaths and relocate utilities. Some trees are also being replaced as they are nearing the end of their expected life.

Following community feedback on the concept plan, the design was refined to reduce the number of trees impacted. The trees being removed were assessed as part of the project Review of Environmental Factors and were found not to be ecologically sensitive.

Every effort is being made to minimise the loss of trees associated with the project.

Permanent parking changes

About 20 parking spaces will be permanently removed as part of the project. This includes 34 parking spaces removed and 14 spaces added across the project alignment.

These parking changes will make room for new, safer pedestrian crossing areas and to maintain safe vehicle access to properties and businesses.

From February, site compounds will be used throughout the project for site offices and worker amenities at:
• location 1: Goodwood Street, Kensington in front of Kokoda Park
• location 2: Corner of Strachan Street and Houston Road, Kingsford

A third compound area will also be established in the middle of Anzac Parade near Bass Street, Kingsford. This site compound will be used for excavated material, prior to removal from site, and for the storage of materials and equipment.

You can view site compounds on the cycle network site compound areas map:

Site compound areas map

Site compound areas map

The site compounds at Goodwood St and Houston Rd will be set up on the road, where there are currently rear to kerb parking spaces (as shown on the maps).

Location 1: Goodwood St in front of Kokoda Park

22 rear-to-kerb parking spaces temporarily removed, shown in blue outline.

Goodwood Street

Location 2: Houston Rd near Strachan St

13 rear-to-kerb parking spaces temporarily removed, shown in blue outline

Location 2 Houston Rd

These temporary parking changes will be for the duration of the construction works - approximately 2 years.

When designated resident parking spaces are being removed, Randwick City Council will review the situation and, if appropriate, provide alternative resident parking in nearby unrestricted areas.

Some parking spaces within the compound areas will remain available between the hours of 7pm and 6am.

We appreciate the community's patience while these essential works are being completed.

In 2018, Randwick City Council consulted with the local community on the concept plan. More than 400 submissions were received with approximately 70 per cent supportive of the project.

The plan was refined to address community feedback where possible and the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) received planning approval in May 2019. An Addendum REF assessing the compound locations and clarifying the scope of tree removal was approved in September 2021.

Visit the Randwick City Council website for more information.

These artists's impressions are for illustrative purposes only.

Improvements at the Doncaster Avenue and Todman Avenue intersection

Improvements at the Doncaster Avenue and Todman Avenue intersection

Improvements at General Bridges Crescent

Improvements at General Bridges Crescent

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June 2022 Project Update

Out of hours work look ahead July to August 2022.

May 2022 project update

Out of hours work look ahead May - June 2022.

March 2022 project update

Out of hours work look ahead March - May 2022.

February 2022 project update

Start of work.

October 2021 project update

Kingsford to Centennial Park walking and cycling improvements.

November 2020 work notification

Start of work.



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