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Rehabiliting Slopes - Galston Gorge

Galston Road has now been reopened with temporary traffic control measures in place from Wednesday 1 June 2022.

Galston Road between Hornsby Heights and Galston was closed in February 2022 after unprecedented rainfall caused landslides that deposited rocks, soil and trees onto the road surface.

We closed Galston Road to ensure the safety of motorists and workers who are trying to rehabilitate the site. Our maintenance teams worked hard to remediate the slippage sites and clear the road.

Latest News

JUN 2022

JUN 2022Reopening of Galston Road

Galston Road has been reopened with temporary traffic control measures in place from Wednesday 1 June 2022, for the safety of our workers and road users.

We have implemented a 40km/hr stop-slow zone, with trailer mounted traffic lights for single lane access to safely guide motorists around the remaining slippage site to be remediated (see map on flyer).

Please allow extra time for travel and follow the direction of traffic controllers, electronic message signs, signage, and keep to speed limits.

For the latest traffic updates, call 132 701, visit or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

View or download the June 2022 reopening flyer (PDF, 168Kb).

JUN 2022

JUN 2022Temporary reopening of Galston Road

Galston Road through Galston Gorge is on track to temporarily reopen to motorists in early June, after being closed since the end of February.

When dates are confirmed for the June reopening of the road, we will notify community and update this website.

Further stabilisation works will need to be carried out later in the year, meaning Galston Road through Galston Gorge will close to traffic again as the single use lane will be required to position large equipment.

MAY 2022

MAY 2022Works in May

Following our investigation works in April, a further three slippage sites in Galston Gorge were identified, bringing the total number of sites to eight.

To date, we have remediated five of these slippage sites, with remediation of a further two sites to be completed by the end of May.

View the May 2022 project notification (PDF, 373Kb) and the rehabilitating slopes factsheet (PDF, 1.62Mb) for more information.

Throughout May, our teams will be carrying out remediation of slippage Sites 1 and 2, this will involve:

  • removal of boulders and other materials
  • installation of drainage
  • installation of rock bolts, soil nails, and geofabric
  • application of tinted shotcrete.

Additional activities in May will also include:

  • site assessments
  • geotechnical investigations
  • vegetation clearing
  • scaling and profiling the slope surfaces
  • removal of rock
  • installation of rock bolts, soil nails and strip drains
  • applying tinted shotcrete
  • laying geofabric to prevent future erosion
APR 2022

APR 2022Emergency works on Galston Road

Galston Road between Hornsby Heights and Galston is closed due to rock and soil slippages along sections of the road. Our teams have been completing works as safely and quickly as possible, so we can safely reopen Galston Road.

Maintenance teams have been working hard to investigate and remediate the slippage sites. While we assess and make the area is safe for road users.

We thank the community for their patience and will continue to keep you updated on its progress.

View the April 2022 project notification (PDF, 690Kb) for more information.

Activities in April

Our teams carried out surveys and assessing the entire Galston Gorge.

This data was then analysed to provide us with an understanding of the potential future slippages and how the slopes can be made safe through engineering solutions.

Work activities for April will include:

  • ongoing geotechnical investigations
  • analysing data with physical site visits
  • assessing each remediated slope site affected during continued heavy rainfall.
MAR 2022

MAR 2022Activities in March

We have remediated five out of the six slippage sites.

Our work in March included:

  • Geotechnical investigations to identify the extent of the slip issues and solutions
  • vegetation clearing and rock removal including a 170-tonne boulder
  • removal of around 550 tonnes of rock from multiple locations
  • stabilising slopes with shotcreting and rock bolts
  • securing the Tunks Creek Bridge embankment
  • installing geofabric to prevent future erosion.

Project information

Galston Road passes through Galston Gorge which is notorious for its steep inclines and multiple hairpin bends. Because of this, heavy vehicles and buses that are 7.5 metres in length or more are prohibited from entering Galston Gorge and considered overlength.

Heavy vehicles and buses that are 7.5 metres in length are subject to enforcement action under the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2008 Rule 104 and 106(2).

Light vehicle combinations that include cars carrying trailers, boats or horse floats that exceed 7.5 metres are permitted to enter Galston Gorge. However, light vehicle combinations are reminded that vehicle combinations above 11 metres are unlikely to be able to navigating the tight bends in the Gorge based on recent surveys.

We have created a factsheet that details what is involved with our current works rehabilitating the eight slippage sites at Galston Gorge.

View the rehabilitating slopes factsheet for more information.

An increasing number of incidents over the past few years have resulted in Transport for NSW implementing several measures to improve safety on Galston Road and deter over length heavy vehicles and buses from entering the Gorge.

Multiple signs have been installed on both sides of the Gorge along with a vehicle detection system and vehicle activated variable message signs (VMS). These signs will be updated to advise motorists that light vehicle combinations over 7.5 metres are not affected.

These measures have helped to substantially lower the number of overlength heavy vehicles and buses using the corridor to avoid Pennant Hills Road.

Additional improvements were implemented for both sides of Galston Gorge building on previous work to improve the road for motorists and the community.

Key upgrades

Galston Road upgrades include:

  • Improving and supplementing the existing infrastructure at both ends of Galston Gorge by installing a camera based detection system
  • Providing a safe U-turn bay on the eastern side of the Gorge, between Ryan Trail and Evans Road
  • Slope and drain improvements on Galston Road between Calderwood Road and Berowra Creek
  • Safety improvements at the bend of Galston Road, starting 150 metres west of Montview Parade.

Project documents

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June 2022

Galston Road, Galston Gorge – reopening of Galston Road

May 2022 project update

Galston Road, Galston Gorge - Rehabilitating slopes

April 2022 project update

Emergency Work.

October 2020 project update

Road work on Galston Road, Hornsby Heights and Galston from 18 October 2020

December 2017 project update

Road closure at Pearces Creek Bridge, Galston Road.

Mid October 2017 project update

U-Turn bay for heavy vehicle on eastern side of Galston Gorge.

October 2017 project update

Road closure at Galston Gorge, Galston, from Monday 9 October 2017.

July 2017 project update

Galston Road, Hornsby Heights to Galston.

May 2017 project update

Galston Road, Hornsby Heights to Galston.



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May 2022 rehabilitating slopes factsheet

Galston Gorge rehabilitating slopes factsheet



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