Lane Cove Road and Waterloo Road intersection

Lane Cove Road and Waterloo Road intersection

The Australian and NSW Governments are funding this work to improve public transport, ease congestion and reduce travel times.

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Project information

In June 2021 work started on the Lane Cove Road and Waterloo Road intersection upgrade to:

  • provide a new 170 metre dedicated bus only right turn lane from Waterloo Road onto Lane Cove Road south
  • provide a new 70 metre westbound through lane on Waterloo Road
  • extend the northbound left hand turn slip lane from Lane Cove Road onto Waterloo Road
  • extend the left turn lane from Waterloo Road eastbound onto Lane Cove Road.

We expect to complete this project in early 2023. It will help reduce congestion, meaning less time stuck in traffic and more time to spend with family and friends and doing the things you love.

Our work on the Lane Cove Road and Waterloo Road intersection is part of a $240 million investment by Australian and State Governments to support economic growth and create jobs, getting Australians back to work sooner following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This work was originally included in Stage 2 of the Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Improvements.

  • Improve the reliability of bus services and reduce travel time.
  • Improve traffic flow around Macquarie Park.
  • Ease congestion and improve travel times for all road users during peak periods.
  • Improve pedestrian safety by providing new and improved crossing facilities across a number of busy roads.
  • Cater for future growth in bus services.
  • Improve connections between bus services and the metro stations.
  • Help make Macquarie Park an even better place to live, work and study.

Community engagement

We consulted with the community on this proposal in 2017, as part of Stage Two of the Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Program. A submissions report (PDF, 14.9Mb) was release in October 2017.

Aboriginal engagement - Respect to the Wattamattagal

On Wednesday 10 June, Transport for NSW and Georgiou Group participated in a smoking ceremony to acknowledge and pay respect to the Wattamattagal of the Darug Nation. The Wattamattagal are the custodians of the land in Macquarie Park, where we are upgrading the Lane Cove and Waterloo Road intersection.

The smoking ceremony placed Aboriginal traditions and culture at the forefront of our work activities and was a meaningful way to recognise the history and culture of the land and a channel to reunite with our Indigenous partners.

Brendan Kerin from the Local Metropolitan Aboriginal Lands Council conducted the ceremony where team members washed in the smoke to cleanse the mind, body and land. The smoke is believed to have the ability to ward off bad spirits. It also lets the ancestors and spirits know of a gathering on country, it promotes visitors' protection and well-being to the land and creates a pathway to a brighter future.

Project documents

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File Title Size
June 2019 project notification

Investigation work in Macquarie Park from Wednesday 3 July 2019

February 2018 project notification

Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Improvements project site compound establishment from Monday, 26 February 2018

June 2017 project notification

Additional investigation work on Herring, Waterloo, Khartoum and Lane Cove Roads and Byfield Street, Macquarie Park, from Monday 26 June 2017

June 2021 community update

Community update

February 2018 project update

Bus priority and capacity improvements in Macquarie Park.

November 2017 project update

Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Improvements start of day and night work.

October 2017 project update

Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Improvements.

May 2017 project update

Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Improvements.

October 2017 submissions report

Lane Cove Rd & Waterloo Rd intersection.

March 2017 review of environmental factors

Main report.

March 2017 review of environmental factors




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