Artists impression of Dubbo Bridge.

Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge

The Australian and NSW Governments are investing $220 million in a new bridge over the Macquarie River in Dubbo, as part of their commitment to Building a better Dubbo. The new bridge will ease congestion and enhance reliable access through Dubbo during flood events.

Latest news

SEP 2021

SEP 2021Additional investigation work

Additional investigation work including heritage survey inspections will commence on 29 July 2021 in a number of locations as part of the Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge project.

JUL 2021

JUL 2021Project update available

The latest project update (PDF, 367Kb) for the Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge project is available.

JUL 2021

JUL 2021Night work at three intersections

From Tuesday 6 July 2021, Transport for NSW will carry out utility investigation work at the following intersections in Dubbo:

  • Bourke and River Street intersection
  • Thompson Street and the Newell Highway intersection
  • Thompson Street and Mitchell Highway intersection.

Work will be carried out between 7pm and 7am from Tuesday 6 July, the work is expected to be completed within four nights, weather permitting.

Please refer to the July 2021 notification (PDF, 77.6Kb) for more information.

JUN 2021

JUN 2021Investigation work

Investigation work is ongoing, and so far Transport for NSW has:

  • Constructed an all-weather access track from Brisbane Street to the Macquarie River along River Street to facilitate geotechnical investigation work
  • Carried out the land-based geotechnical investigation works to determine the length of the bridge piles
  • Carried out the water-based geotechnical investigation works for river piers
  • Started field investigations including survey of utility locations and soil testing.

View the video below to learn about the geotechnical investigation process.

DEC 2020

DEC 2020Detailed design

Geotechnical and survey field investigations have commenced. The information gathered, in addition to community feedback will inform the detailed design process.

The project team will continue to work with landowners, the Aboriginal community, Dubbo Regional Council and other key stakeholders throughout the detailed design phase to identify opportunities for project refinement.

JUN 2020

JUN 2020Stakeholder engagement

The project team has been meeting with residents, landowners and businesses to keep them informed about how the project is developing. We've been discussing impacts and answering specific questions raised by stakeholders.

The project has now been handed over to the delivery team who will continue work on the project. This includes commencing the detailed design and associated works, such as further geotechnical and survey investigations, as well as detailed planning and finalising design.

FEB 2020

FEB 2020Reports now available

The concept design and Review of Environmental Factors (REF) were on display for public comment from Monday 27 May 2019 to Friday 28 June 2019. During this time, Transport for NSW received a total of 310 submissions relating to the Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge project. All submissions made during the display period have been addressed and responded to in a submissions report (PDF, 11Mb).

The New Dubbo Bridge Submissions Report relates to the REF prepared for the New Dubbo Bridge and summarises the issues raised as well as responses to each issue raised by the community, stakeholders and government agencies. The report details further environmental investigations carried out since the finalisation of the REF as a result of changes to the proposal and identifies new or revised environmental management measures for the project.

The Building a better Dubbo 2019 Consultation Report is also now available to view or download (8.25Mb). This report summarises Transport for NSW's consultation with the community and key stakeholders about the Building a better Dubbo projects, including the Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge project, during the display period in May and June 2019.

Transport for NSW has also finalised the 2016/2017 New Dubbo Bridge Consultation Report which summarises consultation with the community and key stakeholders on the New Dubbo Bridge during the display of the six strategic options prior to the announcement of River Street as the preferred route. The report is available here to view or download (PDF, 2.33Mb).

View all three reports by visiting the Dubbo road projects webpage.

Project information

The New Dubbo Bridge provides a second high level river crossing in Dubbo during flood events and will maintain reliability for local, commuter and heavy freight traffic through Dubbo during these events.

Following investigation of six strategic options and community consultation, River Street was announced as the preferred route for the new bridge in May 2017.

The preferred option has been chosen to improve freight efficiency on the Newell Highway, reduce traffic congestion and provide an additional route during flood events. It will assist in easing congestion in Dubbo when needed most.

The 660 metre bridge will connect the western side of the Macquarie River to River Street, travelling over the flood plain west of the river. The Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge project will also include:

  • New and upgraded intersections at Thompson Street, Whylandra Street, and the Newell Highway
  • Realigning the Newell Highway with new separated lanes north of Whylandra Street
  • Upgrading the intersection at Bourke Street and River Street.

Full funding for the Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge project has been confirmed, comprising of $176 million from the Australian Government and $44 million from the NSW Government.

The detailed design for the New Dubbo Bridge is currently on schedule and due for completion by the end of 2021.

During the detailed design process, Transport for NSW has been working with stakeholders and carrying out survey, geotechnical and utility investigation works.

Workshops have been regularly held to refine the design and plan for construction so that we minimise impacts to traffic wherever possible.

Transport for NSW will continue to consult with the community during each phase of the project.

The project will provide significant employment opportunities as well as local and regional benefits to the Central West when major work is set to start to commence in 2022.

Transport for NSW will continue to liaise with property owners and all of our stakeholders as part of the detailed design development. Once the detailed design is complete, Transport will then call tenders for the construction works and utility relocation works. This process is expected to commence in late 2021.

Construction work to build the Newell Highway Upgrade - New Dubbo Bridge project is expected to start by the end 2022 and will take around three years to complete, weather permitting. We will continue to update the community and key stakeholders in the lead up to and during construction.

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) assesses the potential social and environmental impacts of the project and identifies ways to minimise these impacts. View or download a copy of of the REF main report. The full report is on the project documents page.

Project map

View or download the project map.

New Dubbo Bridge - Artist impression

Artist impression

Project documents

Community updates

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September 2021 project notification

Investigation work is continuing at various locations in Dubbo as part of the New Dubbo Bridge project from Wednesday 29 September.

July 2021 community update

Changed traffic conditions at three intersections for utility investigation work from Tuesday 6 July 2021.

February 2020 community update

Review of Environmental Factors (REF) Submissions Report and changes to the project design.

May 2019 community update

Building a better Dubbo - Road work, that works for you.


Displays and posters

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May 2019 project poster

Building a better Dubbo - Road work, that works for you.

May 2019 project postcard

Know the facts.



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February 2020 project map

New Dubbo Bridge.



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New Dubbo Bridge REF Submissions Report

New Dubbo Bridge.

Building a better Dubbo 2019 Consultation Report

Building a better Dubbo.

2016/2017 New Dubbo Bridge Consultation Report

New Dubbo Bridge.

May 2019 review of environmental factors report

New Dubbo Bridge.

May 2017 preferred option report

New Dubbo Bridge.

May 2016 options report

New Dubbo Bridge.



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