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Coal Loader Wharf

Respecting the significance of the heritage listed Coal Loader Wharf and precinct, Transport for NSW (Transport) is working with stakeholders on a future use of the wharf that brings together community values and reconnects to the maritime heritage of the area.

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DEC 2022

DEC 2022Public display of Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

Since being decommission in the early nineties the Coal Loader Wharf has been deteriorating and recent adverse weather events have caused parts of the wharf to collapse into the water. Transport needs to first make the area safe from navigational hazards, including floating timber and debris. This will allow the remaining structure to be safely investigated to assess its re-use or re-interpretation.

As this safety work is carried out, we will respect the heritage fabric of the structure and where the removal of the heritage fabric cannot be avoided, it will be retrieved and assessed for its potential reuse. Reusable elements will be salvaged and stored to support the re-imagining of the wharf.

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) outlining the environmental and heritage impacts of the proposed make safe and retrieval work is currently on public display until Sunday 15 January 2023. Have your say on the REF. We are also seeking feedback from the community on a vision for the future of the wharf. See the ‘Have your say’ section below for more information.

Meet the project team

The project team will be at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability on Thursday 15 December 2022 from 11am to 1pm to answer project related questions. Please feel free to drop-in anytime during this session.

Read more about the Coal Loader Wharf in our Community Update (PDF, 1.6Mb).

Project information

The heritage-listed Coal Loader Wharf is located on the Waverton Peninsula. Transport acknowledges the lands of the Cammeraygal people and that modern New South Wales is an overlay on Aboriginal land and that many of the routes we use today follow songlines Aboriginal people have followed for tens of thousands of years.  

There’s a culturally important spring and wallabies and penguins lived on the peninsula within living history. Whales would give birth in the deep waters off the headland.  

We understand the natural rock setting provided shelter and was a place to carry out cultural practices.    

Discover more about the rich cultural history of the Coal Loader Wharf by visiting North Sydney Council’s website.


We invite you to provide your feedback on the REF and our Vision Survey.

Feedback is invited until midnight Sunday 15 January 2023.

You can submit feedback on the REF by:

Coal Loader Wharf Project 

PO Box K659 

Haymarket NSW 1240 

The Coal Loader Wharf Vision Survey is available online.

The feedback you provide through the Vision Survey will help us develop long-term plans for the site and we’ll be inviting you to have your say on these future plans in 2023.

We will carefully consider all the feedback received from the REF and will publish the submissions in the coming months.

This feedback will form part of the application to Heritage NSW, outlining the plan for the retrieval of heritage material and address any safety concerns.

Subject to planning and heritage approvals, the proposed work will take place in 2023. The work is expected to take around six months to complete, pending suitable weather and maritime conditions.

The feedback you provide through the Vision Survey will help us develop long-term plans for the site and we’ll be inviting you to have your say on these future plans in 2023.

Project Documents

Community updates

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November 2022 community update

The Coal Loader Wharf.

November 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

Coal Loader Wharf make safe and retrieval work and Vision Survey.


Project notifications

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February 2022 project notification

Investigation Work from Monday 14 February.

November 2021 project notification

Critical safety work at the Balls Head Coal Loader wharf, Waverton.



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December 2022 Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

Coal Loader Wharf make safe and retrieval work.

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PACHCI Assessment Result - Balls Head Coal Loader Wharf Make Safe and Retrieval



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If you would like to contact the project team please contact:

Phone: 1800 770 973


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