Balls Head coal loader

Coal Loader Wharf

The Balls Head Coal Loader wharf is located on the western shore of the Waverton Peninsula in the North Sydney local government area, in Balls Head Bay. The Coal Loader is part of the historic Balls Head coal loading facility on adjacent land owned by North Sydney Council.

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FEB 2022

FEB 2022Investigation work

Transport for NSW is planning to carry out a drone survey of the Balls Head Coal Loader Wharf from Monday 14 February 2022.

View the February 2022 notification (PDF, 204Kb) for more information

Project information

The wharf was built around 1917 and was originally used to store coal for bunkering vessels. From the 1970s it was used as a transshipment facility for exporting coal from the Hunter Valley. Wharf operations ended in 1992.

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February 2022 project notification

Investigation Work from Monday 14 February.

November 2021 project notification

Critical safety work at the Balls Head Coal Loader wharf, Waverton.



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