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Barton Highway

The Australian and NSW Governments have together committed $200 million towards the upgrade of the Barton Highway, with $150 million provided by the Australian Government and $50 million by the NSW Government.

This funding is being utilised across two projects along the corridor, with Stage 1 already under construction (the Barton Highway Upgrade Package), and Stage 2 in planning (the Barton Highway Corridor Upgrade).

This work will improve road safety while enhancing tourism, driving economic growth and creating vibrant regional spaces.

Latest news

JUL 2022

JUL 2022Temporary traffic changes at Rolfe Road

Work will be carried out from Monday 11 July to upgrade the Rolfe Road intersection on the Barton Highway as part of the Barton Highway upgrade.

Work will involve the removal of the existing road and building the new road to the final design including general earthworks, road surface construction, sealing, kerb and guttering, drainage work and installation of road fixtures.

Work will be carried out between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday and 8am and 1pm Saturday, excluding public holidays, and is expected to be completed by mid-2023, weather permitting.

For more information, please view the July resident notification (PDF, 345Kb).

APR 2022

APR 2022Temporary traffic changes

Work has started on intersection upgrades on the Barton Highway at Briarwood Lane, Nanima and Spring Range roads as part of the Barton Highway upgrade.

Work activities will involve clearing and earthworks, kerb and guttering, new stormwater drainage, new pavement and line marking.

Work will take about four months and is expected to be completed by the end of August, weather permitting.

Work will be carried out between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday and 8am and 1pm Saturday, excluding public holidays.

For more information, please view the April 2022 resident notification (PDF, 488Kb).

FEB 2022

FEB 2022Summer community update

A community update (PDF, 2.94Mb) sharing our work so far on the first stage of the Barton Highway upgrade is now available. It includes an update on our little friends that can fly through the air, are obsessed with sweet treats and have a front row seat to the Barton Highway Upgrade! It’s the country’s best-known petaurid, the sugar glider.

Early environmental investigations flagged the possibility of squirrel gliders living near the site of the first stage of duplication on the ACT-NSW border.

Extensive investigations revealed no vulnerable squirrel gliders, however, 23 sugar gliders were captured, with an estimated population of about 38 in the area. Watch as glider expert, Dr David Sharpe, explains more about the investigations, or read our fact sheet (PDF, 769Kb) about these furry little critters.

DEC 2021

DEC 2021Trees of cultural heritage significance to be protected

during duplication of Barton Highway

In January 2021, a group of trees of Aboriginal cultural significance were located near Kaveneys Road. These trees would have been impacted by work to duplicate the highway.

Since the discovery, we have paused work on this section for investigations to be carried out in consultation with Registered Aboriginal Parties, archaeologists and other specialists.

Transport for NSW acknowledges the importance of the trees of significance to the community and has committed to protecting the group of trees.

While alternatives are being considered, work on the project is continuing from the ACT/ NSW border to the north of Briarwood Lane, with more than 65,000 cubic metres of earth work – the equivalent of 130,000 trailer loads – completed and crews to be back on the job from 10 January 2022 after the Christmas shut down.

For further information read our media release.

Project information

The Barton Highway is an essential part of the NSW and ACT transport network, connecting communities to essential services, employment, health care, education opportunities and supporting freight movement.

In 2017 the Australian and NSW governments announced funding to begin the duplication of the Barton Highway in NSW.

Duplicating the highway will ensure safer and more reliable journeys for almost 13,000 road users who use the Barton Highway daily.

The section of highway from the ACT border towards Murrumbateman was identified for immediate duplication. The existing highway will become the southbound carriageway and the new lanes will be the northbound carriageway.

During detailed design we will be working with the road construction industry to maximise the length of duplication that can be delivered with the available funding.

Work on the first stage of duplication is expected to start later this year. Upgrading the highway and carrying out safety improvements will bring major benefits to road users. These improvements support regional development and provide:

  • Safer travel
  • Reduced travel times with improved transport efficiency
  • More consistent and reliable travel
  • Safer conditions for road users and local communities

For more information view the Project documents page.

Transport for NSW takes its responsibility to the environment and legislation seriously.

A review of environmental factors (REF) was on display for community feedback from Monday 24 February to Friday 27 March 2020. An REF assesses the impact of construction activity on natural and cultural heritage within the project area.

We have identified vulnerable flora and fauna, significant cultural locations, and conducted a range of studies on the environment to best protect the area around the Barton Highway duplication zone.

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback or came to discuss the report at our information sessions at Yass and Murrumbateman. The feedback period is now closed.

In response to submissions, Transport for NSW has revised the proposed intersection configuration at Kaveneys Road to allow a right turn into Kaveneys Road.

View the review of environmental factors (PDF, 16.7Mb) and submissions report (PDF, 10.4Mb).

Our number one priority is keeping people safe on our roads and the Barton Highway Improvement Strategy 2017 identified a number of concerns along the corridor.

Completed safety work

To get you home safely we have reduced the likelihood of run-off road crashes by:

  • Completing shoulder improvement work
  • Upgrading signage
  • Adjusting line marking
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Repairing road surfaces
  • Improving stormwater drains.

To minimise the severity of crashes we have:

  • Changed conditions at the Hillview Drive intersection to allow better traffic flow and access on and off the highway
  • Upgraded the Gooda Creek Road and Vallencia Drive intersections to relieve congestion and improve access on and off the highway
  • Improved bridge barriers at Gooromon Ponds Creek, Jeir Creek, Gooda Creek and McClungs Creek
  • Removed mature trees between Casuarina Lane and Yass Valley Way
  • Improved bus stops, including a new bus stop at Vallencia Drive and new off-road bus stops at Euroka Avenue and Gooda Creek Road
  • Installed electronic message boards along the Barton Highway and Yass Valley Way to inform road users of changed traffic conditions and provide fog weather warnings to motorists.


We are collaborating on Yass Valley Council’s Active Transport plan to create an interconnected movement network that will meet the needs of Murrumbateman village into the future. An active transport hub will allow cyclists and pedestrians to easily and safely move through the village and create a vibrant, cohesive community with improved health and lifestyle outcomes. This will also attract new visitors to the village, enhancing tourism and business opportunities.

We understand the local community has identified a number of safety concerns including:

  • Lack of pedestrian visibility for motorists
  • Risk involved with people walking along the Barton Highway from Fairley Estate
  • Difficulties for pedestrians crossing the highway

To improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, we have developed a concept plan that:

  • Extends the shared pathway from the Murrumbateman Hotel bus stop along the Barton Highway to Hercules Street to provide safe passage around the village
  • Involves installing a pedestrian barrier at Jones Park and modifying the existing median island to improve safety

Our project team has been asking the Murrumbateman community to consider their pedestrian and cycling requirements so we can help build appropriate infrastructure to suit their needs into the future.

In 2016 the Australian Government committed $50 million to the Barton Highway under the Infrastructure Investment Program. This commitment included funding for a business case to recommend staging and costings for full duplication of the highway.

Transport for NSW has developed this business case for the Australian Government, in collaboration with Yass Valley Council who provided oversight and strategic direction and ensured the local community’s views were represented.

The business case identifies a staged approach to delivery as the most cost effective option for the highway’s current and future capacity requirements between the ACT-NSW border and Murrumbateman. The staged approach to duplication will support current and future traffic demands through the delivery of safety improvements and increased capacity.

View the Barton Highway duplication business case (PDF, 1Mb).

Transport for NSW is continuing discussions with landowners impacted by the Barton Highway upgrade. Property acquisition is continuing and we will contact you directly if we need to enter your property.

The project team is committed to creating a Barton Highway that will support the community now, and into the future.

We have prepared a strategic business case at the request of the Australian Government which looks at future population growth, transport needs and outlines planning priorities.

It proposes further duplication and investment based on a range of technical investigations that will best support the growth of the region.

To keep road users safe we will continue to promote safety campaigns, such as Towards Zero. Our campaigns target road safety issues such as driver fatigue and tail gating, speeding, driver distraction and roadwork safety, in cooperation with council and police.

We will continue to work with Yass Valley Council, property owners, residents, businesses and other key stakeholders during the planning and construction process.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. We will keep the community informed about project progress on our website and NSW Roads facebook page, by distributing newsletters and holding information kiosks in local towns.

If you would like to be included in an email distribution group to receive information, please email

Barton Highway upgrade status map
Barton Highway upgrade status map
Barton Highway upgrade overview map
Barton Highway upgrade overview map

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22 December 2021

Trees of cultural heritage significance to be protected during duplication of Barton Highway

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18 June 2021

A glimpse of life at Dellwood

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Major work under way on Barton Highway duplication

24 February 2020

Barton Highway Review of Environmental Factors on display.

6 February 2020

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28 October 2019

Plans rev up for Barton Highway upgrade.

17 October 2019

Barton Highway key route to field days.



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