Tweed Heads boat maintenance facility

Tweed Heads boat maintenance facility
Tweed Heads boat maintenance facility

The NSW Government is delivering major improvements to maritime infrastructure and facilities to help the boating and wider community safely access, use and navigate our rivers and coastal waters.

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MAY 2022

MAY 2022Detailed Soil Investigations are underway

The preliminary results of recent soil sample investigations have identified levels of contamination that are present in the old slipway area and further detailed investigations and soil samples are to be conducted before construction can start. The type of contamination present is commonly occurring in many older slipway operations across NSW.

The recent floods and heavy rainfalls have delayed the additional soil and water sample investigations. The investigations are underway with the laboratory analysis and test results expected to be completed by the end of May.

These results will then enable the finalisation of the Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) report and approval of the site Remediation Action Plan (RAP) by the site auditor. The RAP will outline what remediation work needs to be carried to manage contamination in the area.

View or download the May 2022 project update.

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Project information

The NSW Government recognises the continued need to support the renewal and upgrade of boating infrastructure and facilities with local significance for recreational and commercial boating throughout the state.

The Tweed River is used by recreational boaters, commercial fishing vessels and maritime related tourism operators. The slipway has been in operation since the 1960’s and now requires replacement as it only serviced a small number and range of vessels due to its deteriorating condition and reduced lifting capability.

The project will deliver:

  • increased community access and use of the boat maintenance facility by upgrading the slipway to accommodate a 75-tonne boat travel lift
  • increased safety for users of the boat maintenance facility by upgrading services and equipment to meet current codes
  • increased protection and improvement of the Tweed marine environment by upgrading the drainage and waste water treatment system at the boat maintenance facility
  • improved facilities for boat users with new office storage areas.
  • improved visual aesthetic of the area.

The scope of the project we will deliver in 2022 comprises of:

  • demolishing the deteriorating existing Boat Maintenance Facility, including the slipway rails, winch and cradle
  • demolishing the office building, workshop and storage container and replace with new building and storage container
  • constructing a levelled hardstand area with new pavement surface and drainage
  • constructing overwater lift platforms
  • installing service pontoons and access gangways
  • installing a new 75–tonne boat travel lift
  • installing a commercial wastewater treatment system

Construction of the Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility will start following approval of the RAP, completion of the required remediation work outlined in the RAP and any design and/ or construction changes. Work is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2022.

We have commenced the early procurement of long lead time items offsite, including the steel piles for the travel lift runway beams, the pontoons and gangway, the pre-cast beams and trade waste system. This early procurement will support an efficient start for the construction team following completion of the remediation activities.

We will notify you before project construction begins on site.

Archived news

FEB 2022

FEB 2022Contract awarded

In preparation for the project, the slipway at Tweed Heads closed in 2021. This allowed us to carry out site investigations and planning work prior to project approval.

The REF and “have your say” is completed and approval to proceed (Stage 1) has been obtained. A submission report (PDF, 1.8Mb) is now available for you to view on our website.

A contract has been awarded to construct the project. Further site investigations and soil samples are needed before construction can start. We will continue to update you on the start of construction and progress of investigation results.

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December 2021 Submissions report

Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility.

August 2021 Review of environmental factors

Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility.


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May 2022 community update

Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility.

February 2022 community update

Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility.

August 2021 project notification

Proposed upgrade of Tweed Heads boat maintenance facility.



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