Port Macquarie Breakwall Upgrade

Port Macquarie Breakwall. Image supplied by Alex McNaught, Roving-Eye.com Photography
Port Macquarie Breakwall. Image supplied by Alex McNaught, Roving-Eye.com Photography

The NSW Government is delivering major improvements to maritime infrastructure and facilities statewide, to help the boating and wider community safely access, use and navigate our inland and coastal waters.

Project information

A $205 million stimulus funding program was announced in October 2020 to invest in maritime infrastructure and safety upgrade projects across the state.

The southern breakwall at Port Macquarie needs maintenance to extend this critical maritime infrastructures life.

The NSW Government is funding a proposal to upgrade the southern breakwall at Port Macquarie.

Transport for NSW is currently in early planning and development stages of the project.

Site investigations are being carried out to inform the project planning, concept design development and environmental assessments.

A concept design will be developed and we will seek feedback from the community and other key stakeholders in the coming months.

Early site investigation have commenced and is expected to take around four months, weather and tides permitting. This investigation work includes:

  • land, water and utilities surveys
  • aerial drone imaging
  • underground and underwater scanning of the work area
  • environmental assessment to understand potential impacts.

This work will have minimal impact to local residents. We will make every effort to minimise noise and impact during investigation work and will continue to keep you informed as planning on the project progresses.

Project documents


For more information contact the project team:

Phone: 1800 571 311

Email: portmacquariebreakwall@transport.nsw.gov.au

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