Narooma Wharf replacement

Narooma Wharf

The NSW Government is delivering major improvements to maritime infrastructure and facilities across the state to help the boating and wider community safely access, use and navigate our rivers and coastal waters.

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AUG 2022

AUG 2022Community feedback

TfNSW sought community feedback on the Review of Environmental Factors (REF), which is the planning document for the reconstruction of the wharf to ensure that we fully understand the local community’s needs.

The REF was on public display from Monday 9 May until Friday 15 July 2022.

TfNSW thanks those in the community that took time out to attend the community information sessions and/or emailed us with suggestions, feedback and loads of local information, The information sessions were really dynamic and constructive and should result in a project with true community interaction behind it.

We are currently reviewing the feedback received and working on our responses to the submissions. Already, we have made some changes to the project in the areas of biodiversity improvements and seagrass protection.

When ready, the submissions report will detail both feedback received and the project response to the feedback. We will issue a community-wide update when the Submissions Report is available on this page.

Project information

Narooma Wharf is located on the northern side of Bluewater Drive, Wagonga Inlet, in the Eurobodalla Shire Council local government area, is currently used by tour boat operators, commercial fishing operators, as well as the local community and tourists. A public walkway and kerbside parking are located along the southern side of the existing wharf.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is planning to upgrade Narooma Wharf due to its age and deteriorated condition. TfNSW is also taking this opportunity to improve the safety for users of the facility by including floating components and a lower level landing in the new design. This will provide safer access for users boarding boats during high and low tides, which is currently challenging due to the fixed level of the existing wharf.

The proposal includes the replacement of the existing wharf with a new wharf of similar size and position, with improved amenity and access for both boats and pedestrians.

The key features of the proposal are as follows: 

  • Staged demolition and removal of the existing wharf, including the removal of the:
    • concrete wharf section
    • wharf deck and furniture
    • timber and concrete piles
    • utilities
  • Construction of a new main wharf, up to 77 metres long by three metres wide, that is fixed and connected to the shore via walkways and infill micromesh
  • Construction of a new three-metre-wide floating pontoon, up to 66 metres long, connected to a shore-side platform via a gangway with a landing platform
  • Installation of a ten metre long lower-level landing, halfway along the main fixed wharf, with stairs connecting the landing to the main wharf and shore level
  • Installation of berthing and mooring infrastructure and wharf furniture, such as fenders, bollards, safety ladders, rails and lighting
  • Ancillary wharf services such as a new sewage pump-out facility and sewer connection, upgraded firefighting and power and water service pedestals
  • Upgrade or repair of the seawall adjacent to the pontoon and placement of rock revetment along a 24-metre section, if required.

The proposed work would be staged to ensure that the wharf would remain operational as much as possible during the construction period.

Subject to planning approval, construction of the proposal is expected to commence in early 2023 and take around four to six months to complete.

Narooma Wharf project deliverables

The benefits of this project will be far-reaching:

  • the wharf will be safer and more accessible to all users of all abilities; 
  • the upgrade will fuel economic growth for the area through improved access to coastal infrastructure and river systems for commercial, industrial and recreational vessels
  • it will enhance the use of maritime infrastructure for recreational and tourism purposes, with resulting opportunities for employment
  • it will mitigate against safety risks to vessels, passengers and pedestrians using the facility
  • the new wharf will contribute to the protection of coastal assets and environmental values.


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May 2022 community update

Narooma Wharf replacement.

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Narooma Wharf replacement.



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