Eden Safe Harbour Project

Eden Safe Harbour
Eden Safe Harbour

Transport for NSW is constructing a 366m long fixed panel wave attenuator which is a marine structure installed to intercept approaching waves and dissipate the wave energy to provide safer berthing facilities in Snug Cove at Eden.

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APR 2021

APR 2021Tender update

The Eden Safe Harbour Project design was put out to public Tender in October 2020. The Tender was awarded and publicly announced in April 2021.

Project information

The purpose of the Safe Harbour Project is to provide a safer harbour to existing berthing facilities in Snug Cove, Eden for visiting and local vessels and improve the protection of exiting maritime infrastructure within the Cove to enhance Eden’s reputation as a boating destination and maritime hub.

Providing a safer harbour supports Eden’s reputation as a key recreational and commercial boating destination. This is anticipated to encourage further investment from the private maritime and tourism sectors.

Eden Safe Harbour aerial plan

The Eden Safe Harbour Project scope includes the construction of a 366m long fixed panel wave attenuator which is marine structure installed to intercept approaching waves and dissipate the wave energy to create a calmer wave climate on its leeward side.

The design was developed based on extensive site-specific wave data, weather history, environmental and geotechnical conditions plus ship and vessel simulations. The project has also involved extensive stakeholder consultation which considered varying design options within the project budget.

An Environmental Impact Assessment is complete. This process assessed the impacts the construction and subsequent operation of a wave attenuator will have on the natural environment in Twofold Bay. This included an assessment of flora, fauna, water and air quality and aboriginal and non-aboriginal cultural heritage

A number of mitigation measures have been identified to minimise adverse environmental impacts. These measures would be addressed in a Construction Environmental Management Plan.

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been developed and the community was given the opportunity to comment on the design before the REF was approved.

After consideration of the REF and Response to Submissions Report, NSW Department of Industry completed an addendum REF for a proposed modification comprising changes to the alignment of the wave attenuator structure.

Numerical modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling was used to inform the attenuator design.  This modelling process tested the design in varying sea state conditions within Snug Cove, Eden. By using this technology, the design team were able to see how the attenuator would withstand the varying sea state conditions plus test the longer term durability of the design.

Importantly, the design also considered how the project could be safely constructed.

To construct the attenuator, two Jack-up barges will be used. The Jack-up barges are heavy-duty marine construction platforms which are purpose-built for working in challenging deep-water areas. These barges are often used for construction projects in near-shore construction areas. 

The Jack-up barges are a stable construction platform for safety and precision compared to floating platforms. The other benefits of using these barges is safer working conditions for construction personnel and the ability to continue construction in rough sea states. This construction method aims maximise efficiency for time, cost and safety.

The Safe Harbour Project is part of the Revitalising Eden Harbour program, which is aimed at improving port infrastructure and supporting the economic development of Eden as a maritime tourism hub along the Sapphire Coast. The Revitalising Eden Harbour Program has been established to coordinate the delivery of the major transformation projects at Eden including the Safe Harbour Project, Eden Welcome Centre and the Harbourside Activation Project.

Port Authority of NSW is leading the coordination of the Program with the support of partners within the NSW Government.

The Maritime branch of Transport for NSW is delivering the Eden Safe Harbour Project and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is leading the Harbourside Activation Project. A coordinated program ensures the management of the projects are streamlined and provide the community with a single point of contact.

The Port Authority is the lead agency due to its strong presence in the port, its understanding of the needs of the working port and facilitation of cruise ships coming to Eden. Port Authority will draw on the maritime and infrastructure knowledge and experience of the teams within the other agencies involved, as well as local knowledge drawn from the work already done on the Eden Cruise Wharf.

The program is designed to enable the expansion of working port activity, tourism, improved customer experiences and private-sector investment that is aimed at supporting employment growth and economic development in the region.

Construction is expected to start towards the end of the 2021 and continue for around one year. Weather may impact the timeframe of construction.    


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