The Farm Gate Network is for available for eligible vehicles operating under the Livestock Loading or the Grain Harvest Management Schemes. Travel conditions, approved vehicle types and exclusion zones can be viewed by clicking on the route or shaded area of the map.

Please check the route has been approved for access before commencing your journey.

A FAQ guide to the Farm Gate Network map is available here.

For more information on NSW Farm Gate Access Project please visit Farmgate

 The Farm Gate Access Network is only applicable to council roads. I confirm I will check the route has been approved for access.

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You can print maps and map information that appears on the RMS Grain Harvest Management Scheme Map.

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Combined HML and RAV Map


  1. This map must be read in conjunction with the New South Wales Class 3 Grain Harvest Management Scheme Mass Exemption Notice 2021 (No. 1)

  2. Eligible GHMS vehicles must only travel on approved routes as per any Council consent condition and/or for that vehicle type as contained in the maps published on the Road and Maritime Services websites.

GHMS network

Map Instructions
Click on the council areas or participating grain receiver sites to view more information.
Council Participating Status
Yes with conditions
Participating Grain Receiver Site (GHMS Approved)
NSW State Roads (all GHMS Approved)
Approved Routes with Conditions
Exception Routes (not approved)

Farm Gate Network

Network Disclaimer The Farm Gate Network applies to council roads only. Eligible Livestock Loading Scheme (LLS) and Grain Harvest Management Scheme (GHMS) vehicles must comply with all conditions of the Notice they are travelling under. Operators are required to check and must comply with conditions on the relevant TfNSW map or relevant routes listing for their vehicle type before travel.
Eligible vehicles may operate on the New South Wales Farm Gate Network providing they are operating under and complying with all conditions of the LLS or GHMS Notice, and are enrolled in and meet the requirements of the Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) telematics application under the National Telematics Framework.
For more information please visit: Farmgate .
Travel conditions exist on this route
Exception Routes (not approved)
Approved Areas (Council roads only)
Approved Areas with Conditions (Council roads only)
Approved Urban Areas (Council roads only)
Restricted Structures - Bridges
Restricted Structures with Conditional Access - Bridges
Third Party Restricted Structures - Bridges
Restricted Structures - Railway Level Crossings
Restricted Structures with Conditional Access - Railway Level Crossings
Restricted Intersections
Restricted Intersections with Conditional Access