Travel time information

Providing motorists with real-time traffic information on key roads.

Estimated time to upcoming exits, intersections or interchanges is displayed on electronic variable message signs above key roadways.

Real-time information technology provides this information to monitor travel flow and help motorists make informed decisions to deliver improved journey outcomes.

Example of travel time information - representation of overhead sign showing the estimated time to various exits
Example of travel time information

Time estimates are based on current traffic flow conditions, and are updated regularly, generally every 3 minutes.

Travel time information is available on:

  • Eastern Distributor, between the Sydney CBD and Southern Cross Drive
  • Lane Cove Tunnel, Gore Hill and Warringah Freeway, between Lane Cove and the Sydney CBD
  • Hills M2 Motorway, between Seven Hills and Macquarie Park
  • M1 Pacific Motorway, between Wahroonga and Beresfield
  • M5 Motorway
  • M7 Westlink Motorway, between Baulkham Hills (Hills M2 interchange) and Prestons (M5 interchange).

How are travel times estimated?

M7 – in-road loops

The M7 uses regularly spaced in-road loops to detect vehicle speeds. Every minute, speeds are averaged for the previous 3 minutes, which gives the estimated time to travel along the various sections on the M7. This average time to cover a distance is referred to as ‘current traffic flow’.

There are more than 150 in-road loops on the M7, spaced about 500m apart, in both directions.

Other roads – Google Australia licensed data

We use data licensed from Google Australia. Google calculates the estimates using GPS data gathered from participating smartphone users.

All data is anonymous – it cannot be used to identify or track any individual road user or vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

  • No. The data is anonymous – it cannot be used to identify or track any individual road user or vehicle.
  • No. The system cannot measure the speed of an individual vehicle, and cannot identify individual road users.
  • No.
  • It’s important to remember that the travel times are estimates only, based on aggregated data from many smartphone users. Although the estimates are continuously calculated to provide the most accurate current information, your actual travel time will vary depending on your speed, and any changes to traffic conditions that may occur during your journey.
  • These signs can also be used to provide warnings and other messages if required. For example, if there is an incident that causes a significant impact on traffic flow (like an accident or breakdown), or in periods of extremely heavy congestion. The message signs will be used to communicate specific information about the incident or current traffic conditions, rather than travel time estimates.
  • Some signs only operate during peak traffic periods, and may be blank late at night for example. Signs may be also blank during routine maintenance, or if there has been an equipment or power failure.
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