Heavy vehicle safety - chain of responsibility

Roads and Maritime manages chain of responsibility (CoR) as part of the OneRMS safety management system. When we operate heavy vehicles, our focus is on understanding and managing the hazards and risks associated with heavy vehicle operations under WHS and heavy vehicle laws.

CoR for Roads and Maritime heavy vehicle operations

Chain of responsibility (CoR) laws form part of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), which regulates the use of heavy vehicles throughout Australia. For regulatory information see Heavy vehicles.

Under the HVNL, all parties who influence or control transport operations in the supply chain share responsibility for compliance with the law and for the safety of heavy vehicle operations – even if they have no direct role in driving or operating a heavy vehicle.

Roads and Maritime carries out activities such as:

  • Transporting bulk materials
  • Purchasing loose or packaged bulk materials
  • Operating and driving heavy vehicles
  • Engaging industry partners to operate heavy vehicles and undertake projects on which heavy vehicles are used.

Consequently, Roads and Maritime has CoR requirements for heavy vehicle safety as part of its various roles within the supply chain.

All parties within the supply chain must ensure that:

  • All reasonable steps are taken to prevent a breach under the CoR provisions of the legislation for any heavy vehicle movements they control or influence
  • They adhere to safe practices with respect to heavy vehicle operations
  • Risks to health and safety (of workers, road users and the public) are eliminated or minimised so far as is reasonably practicable.

Heavy vehicle operations – CoR framework and procedure

Roads and Maritime manages risks associated with heavy vehicle operations through:

Heavy vehicle – CoR awareness e-learning module

A Heavy vehicle – chain of responsibility awareness e-learning module is available for all Roads and Maritime staff. The module provides a basic overview of what the legislation requires with regard to load restraint, mass and dimension, fatigue, speed and vehicle maintenance and what parties in the supply chain need to understand and do.

Search for RMS Heavy Vehicle CoR Awareness, course code CR01E in Success Factors in Transport Equip.

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