Safety check and inspection fees

Find out the cost of a vehicle safety check (pink slip), safety and identity check (blue slip) or VIIU for written-off or high risk vehicles.

Vehicle safety check (pink slip)

This page includes maximum fees for the most common inspections effective 1 April 2021.

See AIS Notice 18 for a list of all inspection fees.

Inspection typeTotal fee (inc. GST)
Light vehicle$42
Trailer without brakes$22
Trailer with brakes$33

Safety and identity check (blue slip)

Inspection typeTotal fee (inc. GST)
Light vehicle$67
Trailer without brakes$34
Trailer with brakes$48

Find out more about safety checks and inspections.

Vehicle Identification and Inspection Unit (VIIU)

There is no fee for re-inspections of failed written-off vehicles or high-risk vehicles.

VIIU fee typeBooking feeInspection feeTotal payable
Written-off vehicle first inspection$71$458$529
High-risk first inspection (eg interstate vehicle, identification irregularities)$71N/A$71
Failure to attend or less than 24 hours notice given to change of cancel VIIU booking$71N/A$71

Find out more about written-off and modified vehicles.

Fee increases

Registration administration fees and vehicle tax are reviewed annually and may increase as part of the annual NSW Treasury approved Consumer Price Index.

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