Order, reserve or replace number plates

Here's how to order new, replacement or personalised number plates for your vehicle.

New number plates

Number plates identify where a vehicle is registered and who the registered operator is.

New number plates are issued when you register your vehicle for the first time. Number plate fees depend on the type of vehicle and registration.

For heavy vehicles, check national heavy vehicle number plate fees.

Number plates remain the property of Transport for NSW. We have the authority to issue, decline to issue, renew or withdraw number plates.

If your registration has been cancelled for any reason, it is an offence to keep the number plates. 

Reserving number plates

When selling a vehicle

If you're selling your vehicle and you want to keep your personal plates, you can reserve your plates and replace them with general number plates, or, you can exchange them with another vehicle registered in your name.

You need to:

When registration expires

If your registration has expired and it's been less than 3 months since the expiry date, you can reserve your number plates. You need to:

Expired for more than 3 months

If it's been more than 3 months since the expiry date or if your registration is cancelled for any reason, it is an offence to keep the number plates.

You must hand in them in at a service centre.

You can apply for the same content as your old number plates, but there's no guarantee it will be available as your 'right to display' has expired.

Replacing lost, stolen or damaged number plates

You can replace number plates when they have been lost, stolen, damaged or if you just want something different.

To request replacement number plates, you need to hand the number plates in, in person at a service centre.

If your number plates have been stolen, report the theft to the police and request a Police Event Number before reporting the theft at a service centre.

If your number plates have been lost or damaged, report the loss and order replacement number plates in person at a service centre.

Exchanging number plates

You can exchange number plates between two currently registered vehicles. There may be some instances where plates are not eligible. Contact us on 13 77 88 to see if the two sets of plates are eligible for exchange.

Personalised number plates

You can reserve or order personalised number plates online at myPlates. Personalised number plate content can be reserved until you're ready to use the number plates.

Reservations last 1 year and are paid for in advance with an annual fee. When you're ready for the number plates to be manufactured, the order fee is charged.

Order or renew personalised number plates online at myPlates

Buying a vehicle with personalised plates

If you buy a vehicle with personalised plates, you'll be charged a transfer fee and an annual fee unless you choose to replace them.

If you choose to replace them, you need to take these items with you to the service centre when you transfer the registration:

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