Towing disputes

Find out how to dispute a towing invoice or what to do if you are not the driver of a towed vehicle.

Disputing an invoice

If you have received a towing invoice and wish to dispute it, you need to have a valid reason. Mobility Parking Scheme permit holders are not exempt. You can find out more about Why vehicles are towed away before making a submission.

If you have a valid reason, you can use the towing dispute online form.

Alternatively, you can write a letter. Clearly state your name, invoice number, registration number, date vehicle was parked, driver name, licence and reason for dispute.

Send by post to:
PO Box 533
Burwood NSW 1805

What happens if you dispute an invoice

Your towing invoice is assessed by a Debt Recovery Officer who will investigate and determine whether it should stand or be withdrawn.

Each dispute is investigated and determined based on individual facts and circumstances. The investigation will consider information provided on the towing invoice and the towing record with the Transport Management Centre. A photo of your vehicle may also be assessed to determine if it was attached for towing purposes.

Your towing invoice will be placed on hold while it is investigated and a written response will be sent to you outlining the decision. The standard review time is at least 12 weeks. This process may take longer if further information is needed from external agencies.

When you don't agree with a decision

If you disagree with the result of your dispute, you can request a second review by providing written reasons why you disagree with the decision.

The second review will be conducted by a Debt Recovery Consultant or the Debt Recovery Manager and may require further consultation with the towing contractor and Transport Management Centre. The result of this review will be sent to you in writing and is the final decision on the matter.

When you are not the driver of the towed vehicle

If you're not the driver of the vehicle or the responsible person for the vehicle, you need to submit a statutory declaration 7 days before the due date on the invoice.

You need to complete the relevant statutory declaration form for individuals or for companies.

Include the name and address of the person who was in charge of the vehicle at the time of towing.

Send the form by post to:
PO Box 533
Burwood NSW 1805

Damage during towing

If your car is damaged during towing, you may lodge a claim by email to

Or by post to:
PO Box 6464
Silverwater NSW 1811

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