When your car gets towed

If you've parked your car and return to find it gone, it may have been towed away. Here's what to do.

What to do if your car gets towed

Check the parking signs, such as clearway operating hours. Your parking location may have become a clearway.

Enter your rego in the find my car link to locate your car.

If your car is cleared from a clearway or special event clearway, it will have been moved to a nearby parking space.

Once your car has been moved to a safe parking space, the tow truck driver will contact the Transport Management Centre to advise where your car has been parked. When you find your car you can drive away.

If you can't find your vehicle using Find My Car, contact our Transport Management Centre on 131 700.

Does getting your car towed cost money?

The tow-away charge is $209. This does not change with distance.

Motorcycles may be moved to the footpath, but the tow-away charge still applies.

You may also receive a parking fine from the local council or the police. These fines are for a parking offence and are separate to the tow away fee.

Towing invoices

You will receive a towing invoice in the mail. A towing invoice is not a fine. It's an invoice for the prescribed tow-away charge.

This is a separate fee you pay in addition to any fine issued by the police.

If a motor vehicle or trailer is removed or is being removed, the person responsible for the vehicle (or the person who left it unattended) needs to pay a tow-away charge. Your invoice explains payment details.

What happens if you don't pay a towing invoice

It is an offence not to pay the prescribed tow-away charge within the time specified.

The fine for failing to pay the prescribed tow-away charge is payable to Revenue NSW. If you wish to dispute an invoice you can find out more in Towing disputes.

Why vehicles are towed away

It's important we ensure a flow of traffic for all our road users.

Vehicles can be towed if they are parked in a:

  • clearway
  • special event clearway
  • special tow away area
  • freeway
  • transit lane
  • bus lane.

These prescribed tow-away areas are a road or part of a road that has special rules for parking and tow-away.

For further information about proposed clearway routes, you can contact:

Mobility Parking Scheme permit holders

If you're a Mobility Parking Scheme permit holder, you do not have an exemption to stand or park in any of the following areas:

  • bus lane
  • freeway
  • T-Way
  • clearway
  • transit lane.

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