Types of permits

There are 3 types of permit:

  • Individual (blue card). Issued for 5 years to people with a permanent disability.
  • Temporary (red card). Issued for up to 6 months to people with a temporary disability, for example a leg injury.
  • Organisation (green card). Available only to organisations that provide transport for people with disabilities.

MPS permit samples

Australian Disability Parking Scheme

The Australian Disability Parking Scheme is an Australia-wide scheme that aims to harmonise all state and territory disability parking programs.

When you apply for a Mobility Parking Scheme permit in NSW, you’ll also be issued an Australian Disability Parking Permit.

You need to insert your NSW permit card into the Australian Disability Parking Permit, and display both when parking.

Displaying your permit has more information on the right way to display your permit when parking.

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