Alpha Numeric route numbers - A new Road Numbering System

The NSW Government has made significant improvement to how motorists can find their way across NSW. Roads and Maritime has implemented a new system of alpha-numeric route numbering.

Alpha Numeric route numbers - a better way to navigate NSW roads.

Important changes to NSW

The new alpha-numeric signage will make it easier for road users to plan their trip, and brings NSW into line with Queensland and Victoria who are already using the nationally-agreed system.

To help you understand the changes in your area, you can download detailed maps, or watch our introductory video and read through our list of Questions and Answers.

Route numbers and road names

The existing 'shield' route markers have been replaced with a combination of a letter - either an M (motorway), A (route of national significance) or B (route of state significance) - and a number from 1 to 99.

Program update

Roads and Maritime Services has now completed an update of road signs in New South Wales as part of the introduction of the new alpha-numeric road numbering system.

Introducing the system across the State has brought NSW into line with other states and territories.

The system includes a combination of a letter and a number between 1 and 99 to identify a route and has:

  • 'M' - motorway standard road
  • 'A' - route of national significance
  • 'B' - routes of State significance.

63 routes were updated between May and December 2013, with over 11,000 sign cover plates having been installed.

Completed routes by region are:

  • The A8, A22, A28, A34, A36, A38, B59, M1, A1, A2, M2, A3, A4, M4, M5, A6, A9, M31, A32, A40, A44, M7 and B83 in the Sydney region
  • The A15, A37, A43, A49, B53, B57, B63, B68, B89, M1, A1, B70, B74, B82, B84 and B83 in the Hunter region
  • The B23, M23, B65, B72, B73, A41, A48, B64, M1, A1, M31, A20, B52, B62, B69, B75, B79, A25, B58, B81, B85, B87, B88 and B94 in the Southern and South West regions
  • The A15, B51, B56, B60, B76, B78, B91 and B95 in the Northern region
  • The A41, B51, B55, B56, B64, B75, B76, B79, A32, A39, B71, B81 and B87 in the Western region.

Roads and Maritime is currently reviewing feedback provided from stakeholders and the general public and will assess all suggested system improvements and modifications over the coming months in early 2014.

View or download the interactive NSW map (PDF, 1.13MB)

Interactive NSW map

View or download the interactive NSW map  for further details on route numbers and road name changes.



Questions and answers

You can review questions and Roads and Maritime answers posted throughout the Alpha Numeric Road Numbers project in our Questions and answers.

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