Renewing, replacing or surrendering a temporary visitor licence

Visit a service centre to renew, replace or hand in your temporary overseas licence – or remove the Q condition if you've become a permanent resident.

How to renew a temporary overseas visitor licence

We'll send you a renewal notice 6 weeks before your licence expires.

To renew your temporary overseas visitor licence, you need to visit a service centre, pay a fee and have your photo taken.

If you are temporarily out of NSW, you can renew your licence by post.

Learner drivers and riders

If you have a learner licence with a Q condition and you renew your licence, a new licence will be issued for 5 years.

If your NSW licence expires

You must renew it to continue driving in NSW. If you're still a visitor, you cannot resume driving under the authority of your overseas licence, unless you surrender your NSW licence.

Replacing a visitor licence

If your licence is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you can apply for a replacement online or in person at a service centre.

If you're temporarily outside of NSW, you can apply by mail.

You can only order 1 replacement licence online in a 12 month period.

Handing in a temporary overseas visitor licence

You can hand in (surrender) your NSW licence at a service centre at any time. You can do this as long as your visitor licence is not suspended or cancelled and while you:

  • are still considered a temporary overseas visitor
  • maintain a current overseas licence
  • haven’t been disqualified from driving
  • haven’t failed a driving test
  • haven't had your visiting driver privileges withdrawn.

If you surrender your licence, you may resume driving under the authority of your overseas licence.

Becoming an Australian citizen or permanent resident (PR)

If you become an Australian citizen or PR while you hold a temporary overseas visitor licence, you can have the Q condition removed.

You'll need to take proof of your permanent residency status to a service centre.

If your licence is current

You can apply for a replacement licence and pay the replacement fee. The replacement licence will have the same expiry date as the licence with the Q condition.

If your licence is due to expire

You can choose to wait until your licence expires, you can have it replaced with a NSW licence without the Q condition at the time you renew. Find out how to renew your licence.

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