Approved motorcycles for learner and provisional riders

Planning to get your rider licence? Make sure you know what you're legally allowed to ride as a learner, P1 or P2 provisional rider.

Choosing an approved motorcycle for novice riders

Learner, provisional P1 (red Ps) and P2 (green Ps) rider licence holders are restricted from riding more highly-powered motorcycles under a nationally-agreed standard.

The Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM) scheme allows novice riders to ride only lower and moderately powered motorcycles or scooters.

It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re riding an approved motorcycle if you hold a learner, P1 or P2 rider licence.

Approved motorcycles

In order to be approved for L, P1 and P2 rider, motorcycles must have:

  • an engine capacity up of 660ml or less
  • a power-to-weight ratio of 150 kw per tonne or less
  • a power up to 25kW or less for electric motorcycles
  • appear on the Approved Motorcycles for Novice Riders list.

Modifications are not permitted

For a motorcycle to be approved for use by novice riders, it must not be modified in any way from its manufacturer’s standard specifications.

Only motorcycles and scooters that have the manufacturer’s original equipment for that model and model variant keep their LAM-approved status.

Accessibility modifications exemption

Transport for NSW has approved for an accessibility modification to be made to Learner Approved Motorcycles without changing their power to weight ratio. This exemption is only available to customers with physical disabilities.

The exemption is provided to ensure fair and equitable access for customers with disability. The exemption only applies for LAM-approved motorcycles. Any vehicle modifications completed must be approved by a licensed certifier.

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