Health, medicals and disabilities

For many people, being able to drive is a very important part of daily life. Various health conditions may affect your ability to drive safely.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are fit to drive, therefore speak to your doctor if you have any concerns about your driving ability.

Are you fit to drive?

Transport for NSW needs to ensure that all drivers are medically fit and competent to drive. All drivers must take regular eyesight tests, as part of the licence renewal process, and some drivers may be required to have regular medical tests too.

The Are you fit to drive? section provides detailed information about driving and your health.

Concerned about the safety of a relative or friend?

If you’re concerned about someone’s medical fitness, or ability to drive safely, it’s important to encourage them to speak with their doctor.

See Are you fit to drive? for more information.

Driving with a disability

If you have a physical disability, you’ll be given a fair opportunity to demonstrate your driving ability, in a standard driving test. If required, you can take a disability driving test, which takes into account your capabilities and any aids or vehicle modifications you need to drive.

See Driving with a disability for detailed information.

Mobility Parking Scheme

The Mobility Parking Scheme provides parking concessions for people with mobility disabilities. If you hold a driver licence when you apply for a Mobility Parking Scheme card, Roads and Maritime will assess your medical fitness to drive.

See Mobility Parking Scheme for more information.

Health professionals

Health professionals make a vital contribution to ensuring that all drivers are medically fit to hold a licence.

See Information for health professionals for details about the medical report process, and your obligations when providing medical reports, or discussing fitness to drive with your patients.

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