Licence tests

To progress through the NSW licensing scheme and get a full licence, you need to pass theory and practical tests.

Tests for car licences

NSW has a Graduated Licensing Scheme. To get a full driver licence under this scheme, you need to successfully complete each stage:

To get a...You need to pass the...
Learner licenceDriver Knowledge Test (DKT) - computer-based
Provisional P1 licenceHazard Perception Test (HPT) - computer based and Driving Test - practical

Preparing for your tests

Take the time to study the relevant guide or handbook, and test yourself with the online practice test:

Handbooks can be downloaded from this site, or you can buy a hard copy from any service centre.

Motorcycle licence tests

If you're interested in applying for a motorcycle rider licence, please see the Rider licence section.

Heavy vehicle licence tests

If you're interested in applying to upgrade your existing driver licence to a heavy vehicle licence, please see Heavy vehicle licences.

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