Digital learner driver log book apps

Use our endorsed apps to record your driving experience. It's a fast and convenient way to track and submit your log book hours.

Why use a log book app?

Our free apps help you record and update your driving progress. They calculate your 120 driving hours, and ensure you have completed 20 learning goals.

When you finish your required log book hours, use the app to electronically submit your driving hours to Service NSW. You must do this at least 48 hours before your driving test.

If you use one of our apps you don't need to complete a paper log book.

You can only use one app and can't transfer log book hours between apps.

Which app to use

These are the only apps accepted by Transport for NSW and Service NSW. Any others are not accepted as evidence of your driving experience when you do the driving test.

Licence Ready learner log book app

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Features include:

  • tracks hours and learning goals
  • quick start recording and auto data capture
  • sign-offs when you stop driving.

L2P learner log book app

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Features include:

  • a countdown to motivate learners
  • real-time tracking and recording of driving sessions
  • online educational platform with demo videos.

Supervisors and professional instructors can use this app to structure lessons, record achievements and verify driving sessions.

Roundtrip learner log book app

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Features include:

  • easy recording of supervised driving practice
  • tap record, enter your odometer and just start driving
  • once you complete logbook hours, simply sign and submit digitally to Service NSW.

Rules for using log book apps

Mobile phone use

It is illegal for learner drivers to use a mobile phone while driving. This includes when stopped at traffic lights or stuck in traffic.

You must not touch your phone when you are using a log book app. You should start the app while you're parked out of the line of traffic, then put your phone away while you're driving.

The app records your driving activity in the background.

Find out the rules on mobile phones.

Supervisor use

The apps are designed so they don't need to be used when you are driving. However, the supervisor or a passenger can use the app while a learner is driving, as long as it doesn't distract the learner or stop the supervisor from providing guidance.

Supervisors and passengers should minimise phone use while they're in the car to avoid distraction.

Switching from paper book to app

If you have started a paper log book but want to switch to an app, you have to manually put the completed paper log book entries, including date, time and other details, into the app.

Your supervisor will need to confirm each entry.

Mobile reception

You won't need internet connection to record driving hours but you'll need to log into the app to verify your and your supervisor's licence details.

If GPS signal is not available, your driving activity can continue and will still be recorded. It might mean that not all fields will be automatically filled (for example, the location might be missing). You can enter these details manually once you've finished driving.

If you have bad phone reception in your area you might prefer to use a paper log book.

Each app works differently so please check the in-app FAQs for details.

3 for 1 hours bonus with an instructor

The apps will calculate the 3 for 1 hours bonus if you're completing a structured driving lesson with a driving instructor licensed in NSW.

Although you can be supervised by an interstate instructor, the 3 for 1 hours bonus only applies for driving instructors licensed in NSW. If the instructor doesn't hold a valid NSW instructor licence, you won't get the 3 for 1 bonus.

Stock number and licence expiry dates

When you download and register with a log book app you'll need to enter a stock number and licence expiry date. The stock number is on the back of your licence card, in the top left corner:

Back of licence stock image

When you pass your Driver Knowledge Test, you might get a temporary paper licence until your plastic licence card arrives in the mail. If you register with a log book before you get your licence card, leave the stock number and expiry date fields blank. You can still record your practice drives in the app.

Once your licence card arrives, you can enter your stock number and licence expiry date into the app. You need to do this within 30 days of registering with the app.

Manual entries

If the app tells you shouldn't have more than 50% of manual entries, this is a recommendation only. You can manually enter all the hours you wish.

App error messages

An exclamation mark (!) or 'unverified session' or 'unverified drive' marked against drives you've taken with the app means the licence details you entered for yourself or your supervisor/instructor don't match Transport for NSW records. Make sure you enter the details correctly in your profile.

Manual entries are also considered unverified drives. This doesn't mean your drive won't be accepted, but it helps you to check that your drives are being recorded properly.

There's no problem if your drives are unverified - but you need to make sure your licence details are verified before you submit your log book.

If you have reported an issue to an app vendor and they have not responded please contact

Failing the driving test

If you fail the driving test you don't need to record any more log book hours if you've reached the minimum of 120. But you should consider getting more driving practice to help you pass the test next time.

You can book another driving test straight away, but you'll need to wait at least 7 days between your last test and the next test.

Over 25s

If you're 25 years or older you don't need to complete a log book, and can attempt your driving test whenever you feel ready.

You can choose to use either a digital or paper log book to record your driving practice, but there's no need to submit it before you take the driving test.

Losing or changing phones

All your settings and driving data are held on the app servers. If you get a new phone you can restore your driving data when you download the app and log in.

Your personal information

Your personal information is not shared with others unless you give explicit consent to the app vendor. The vendor will provide data to Transport for NSW to validate eligible learner and supervisor. Please refer to each app's privacy statement for more information.

All of the endorsed apps include security measures to make sure your personal information and identity are protected.

Penalties for false information

If you make false entries in a log book you can face heavy penalties. Any hours found to be recorded falsely will be discarded. You may be fined for each fraudulent entry.

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