Driving instructors

While anyone can supervise you learning to drive (provided they hold an appropriate licence), you might find it helpful to have some lessons with a professional driving instructor.

3-for1 bonus hours

For every 1 hour structured driving lesson you complete with a licensed Driving Instructor, you can record 3 hours driving experience in your log book. See Log books for more information.

Choosing a driving instructor

A person who receives money, or any other reward for teaching you to drive, or tests or assesses your driving ability must hold a valid driving instructor licence, and must display their licence in the cabin of the vehicle, while they're teaching you to drive.

It is worth making sure that you contact a driving school that can offer quality tuition.

Some of the questions you should ask an instructor include:

  • Are they a fully licensed driving instructor?
  • What course guidelines do they have?
  • Do they have supporting education materials to give students?
  • Do they complete a Driving Instructor Structured Lesson Planner for every lesson?
  • Do they design each lesson in conjunction with the learner driver and their supervising driver?
  • Do they offer a system of reporting progress?
  • Do they teach safe (low-risk) driving?
  • Do they use the ‘Beyond Test Routes’ program to teach low risk driving skills?
  • Can they provide guidance to the supervising driver, in order to satisfy the requirements of the learner and the log book?
  • Is the training one-on-one (not three in a car)?
  • Is there a choice of vehicle?
  • How flexible are they?
  • Will they change their pick up and drop off points, to suit work or education requirements?
  • Are they a member of an Association with a Code of Practice?

Quality tuition may cost a little more, but it makes good sense to be safely prepared, so that you are successful on your driving test.

Conduct of driving instructors

The Driving Instructors Act requires that driving instructors meet minimum standards relating to competency in driving instruction, probity and character, in order to protect the community and to benefit the driving instruction industry.

Driving instructors in breach of the Driving Instructors Act are investigated by Roads and Maritime. You can report instances of misconduct by phoning us on 13 22 13.

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