Digital Driver Licence

The NSW Digital Driver Licence is the digital version of the NSW Driver Licence, available on your smartphone through the Service NSW app.

The Digital Driver Licence can be used as proof of age, identity and permission to drive, and is available for all NSW driver licence classes and types.

To get your digital driver licence you will need to:

  • download the latest version of the Service NSW app to your smartphone
  • log in to the app with your MyServiceNSW Account details and follow the prompts
  • link it to your Roads account to access your digital licence

It may take some time before all organisations will be ready to accept the Digital Driver Licence. In the meantime, we recommend you also carry your plastic card to avoid inconvenience.

In NSW, failure to present your driver licence to NSW Police officers is an offence. Using the Digital Driver Licence is no different. It is your responsibility to ensure your phone is charged and in working order so that your licence can be read.

Remember, it's illegal for motorists to access their Digital Driver Licence when driving or riding, including when stationary, unless they are asked to do so by police or an authorised officer. Know the rules - visit the Centre for Road Safety website.

Further information and conditions for drivers, and tools for licence checkers are also available online at the Service NSW website.

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