Alcohol and drug offences

The laws in NSW limit the amount of alcohol you can consume if you are driving a vehicle. The blood alcohol limit that applies to you depends on your licence and the type of vehicle you are driving.

The laws in NSW also prohibit driving while affected by drugs or with illegal drugs present in your system.

New combined drink and drug driving offence

A new law took effect on 28 June 2021 introducing harsher penalties if a driver is detected with an illegal level of alcohol as well as illicit drugs present in their system. The intention of this change is to deter this high risk behaviour and send a clear message to drivers that they are putting themselves and others at significant risk when mixing alcohol and drugs with driving and this behaviour will not be tolerated on NSW roads. For more information, visit the Combined drink and drug driving offence page.

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Drug and alcohol related offences and penalties

Alcohol Interlock Program

Sober Driver Program

Vehicle sanctions

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