Cycleway Finder

Transport for NSW maintains a database of cycleway infrastructure located throughout NSW. We’ve made this database publicly available through the interactive Cycleway Finder.

The Cycleway Finder is designed to help people plan bicycle trips in NSW. The map uses a Google Maps background and overlays lines that represent the Bicycle Network in NSW.

To configure the map to suit your needs, select the types of facilities that you would like to use from the list at the right side using the checkboxes. The different types of facilities are ordered with most-friendly (Bicycle Paths) at the top to least-friendly (Cycling Excluded) at the bottom.

To see detailed information about each line on the map, click on the line and an information popup will appear.

Click the map image to launch the interactive Cycleway Finder
Click the map image to launch the interactive Cycleway Finder


The interactive map shows cycleway infrastructure throughout NSW as an overlay on top of Google maps. Transport for NSW has no responsibility for, and does not guarantee the accuracy of, the underlying Google maps. Transport for NSW strives to be accurate in showing the cycleway infrastructure throughout NSW, however there may be errors and omissions caused by Google maps being incorrect or out of date. Transport for NSW is not responsible for errors or omissions due to changes to the map by external organisations.

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