Benefits of bike riding

Riding a bicycle is great for short trips and is an easy, environmentally-friendly and low cost mode of transport.

Bike riding is growing in popularity in NSW, with around 1.09 million people on their bikes in a typical week. We will continue to support and promote this growth by allowing people to ride in safe, supported environments.

Cycling offers the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and also offers great personal and community benefits.

The NSW Government has a target to double the mode share of cycling for trips up to 10 km long in Greater Sydney by 2016, with further subsequent growth in cycling for all trips in NSW, particularly in regional centres.

Personal benefits of bike riding

  • Cost savings – cycling saves you money on petrol, car maintenance, parking and public transport
  • Save time – with appropriate infrastructure, it can be quicker, more direct and more convenient to ride a bicycle for trips of up to 5 kilometres than any other form of transport, even for relatively slow or inexperienced riders
  • Health – cycling is a great way to stay active. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity can help to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Community benefits of bike riding

  • Better use of road capacity – attractive bicycle facilities extend the people-carrying capacity of our road network
  • Fewer emissions – transport currently accounts for 14 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions in NSW. Converting car trips to cycling trips will help minimise our environmental footprint and improve air quality
  • Supporting lifestyle changes – more people are moving closer to where they work or study, and riding a bike provides a great travel option with minimal impact on the road network.
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