Urban Design and Landscape Plan

Roads and Maritime prepared an Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) to show how the integrated design process has carefully considered the built, natural and community environment with particular sensitivity to the unique heritage values of the area. This plan has been finalised and is now available.

Urban design and landscape information

The Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) has been prepared for the project as part of the Conditions of Approval. The UDLP was displayed in March and April 2017 and is available on the project documents section of this webpage. Community feedback on the UDLP has been received and details are included in the UDLP Submissions Report.

Following the approval of the Strategic Conservation Management Plan in February 2018, a consistency check between the SCMP and the UDLP has been undertaken to ensure the documents are consistent.

  • Heritage values and interpretation
  • Better accessibility and connectivity for all road users and pedestrians
  • Improved views
  • Landscape work, tree planting and vegetation
  • The new bridge structure, piers and abutments (supports)
  • New approach roads to the bridge, pathways and stairs
  • New street and park furniture
  • Improved lighting.

For more information,view or download the March 2017 Community Update, which provides a brief overview.

Artist's impression looking north onto The Terrace

Artist's impression looking south from Macquarie Park

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