The Western Distributor transport corridor

The Western Distributor transport corridor

The NSW Government is building and managing a Transport network that supports Greater Sydney’s growth.

Projects like WestConnex, Western Harbour Tunnel and the M6 will become the backbone of our network to move people, goods and services across the Eastern Harbour, Central River and Western Parkland cities.

In 2020, an average of 120,000 vehicles used the Western Distributor each day making it Sydney’s busiest transport corridor. Transport for NSW will make incremental improvements to modernise and upgrade this section of the network and futureproof the Western Distributor and Anzac Bridge as a safe and reliable connection to and from the city’s west.

Why are improvements needed?

The Western Distributor is currently operating at capacity and experiencing heavy congestion, particularly during the weekday morning peak.

Introducing Smart Motorway technologies and other upgrades to the road network will help the growing number of road users to move through the network and reduce the flow on impact of incidents on surrounding roads.

Read on for information about projects currently in planning and delivery on and around the Western Distributor.

Latest news

SEP 2022

SEP 2022Review of Environmental Factors

Transport is proposing improvements to sections of the Western Distributor.

Please note: Transport for NSW is revisiting the traffic management proposal on Anzac Bridge.

Visit the portal to read more about the proposed improvements and make a submission.

Project information

Western Distributor Road Network Improvements will improve safety and efficiency at key traffic bottle necks, or pinch points on the Western Distributor and reduce the flow on effect of incidents on surrounding roads.

Key features

  • constructing a new on-ramp connection to the Western Distributor from Fig Street, Pyrmont, heading towards the city
  • modifying the Pyrmont Bridge Road and Bank Street intersection and changing the Pyrmont Bridge Road off-ramp from one lane to two lanes
  • modifying the intersection at Allen and Harris Street
  • enhancing visitor experience and refurbishing the two Anzac digger sculptures on the Anzac Bridge


  • reducing crash incidents where multiple lanes merge.
  • improved safety, smoother travelling for motorists (less stop-start driving and reduced need for motorists to cross multiple lanes)
  • improved traffic flow at the intersection of Allen and Harris streets, and reduced queuing on the Allen Street and Pyrmont Bridge Road off-ramps
  • reduced pedestrian and cyclist wait times at the Pyrmont Bridge Road intersection
  • preserving and refurbishing Anzac digger memorial sculptures
  • improved connectivity between the Anzac statues and other memorials in the area which will enhance the recognition of the Anzacs and their legacies
  • improved reliability at road network pinch points

Map of project location

Western Distributor transport corridor location map

We want to hear from you

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is on display until 5pm on Friday 28 October 2022.

Visit the portal to provide feedback on the proposed changes and how we can minimise impacts during construction.

What is a Smart Motorway?

A Smart Motorway uses real-time information, communication and traffic control systems in and alongside the road to improve traffic flow. Variable electronic road signs and messages communicate to drivers how to best travel along the motorway for a safer, more consistent journey with less congestion. 

About the project

As part of the Western Distributor Smart Motorway project, up to 15 gantries will be installed along the Western Distributor between Sydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge.

These gantries will provide integrated electronic speed and lane use signs, automatic incident and vehicle detection, and CCTV coverage, with variable message signs. Together, these smart technologies along the corridor will provide an improved and smoother driving experience for motorway users.


The Western Distributor Smart Motorway project will:

  • assist with congestion by using real time speed limit management  to even out traffic flow on the Western Distributor, resulting in less stop-start driving and more reliable travel times
  • provide faster incident response times using automatic incident identification technology and, when necessary, allow vehicles to continue to move around incidents using dynamic electronic lane use signage (already in operation on the Sydney Harbour Bridge)  
  • provide better wayfinding and an improved and smoother driving experience for motorway users.  

Project map

Western Distributor Smart Motorways map

When will construction begin?

At this stage works on the Western Distributor Smart Motorway project are expected to commence in January 2023. We will notify our stakeholders of the planned construction dates and expected impacts as we get closer to commencing works on site.

Current Work

Geotechnical and utility investigations are currently underway to inform the design of proposed upgrades to signage, IT services or potential gantries.

This work will take place at ground level near sections of the Western Distributor. Investigations enable our engineers to develop thorough design options, and we will inform residents about our plans.

Project documents

Western Distributor Network Improvements

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August 2022 review of environmental factors

The Western Distributor transport corridor.

Appendix C

Arboricultural Assessment.

Appendix D

Non-Aboriginal Statement of Heritage Impact.



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