Sydney Park Junction

Sydney Park Junction

Transport for NSW is proposing to improve connectivity and create a people-friendly place with more open areas for people to move around Sydney Park and King Street, Newtown.

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NOV 2021

NOV 2021Have your say by 1 December 2021

Transport for NSW invites your feedback on our proposal to improve traffic flow at Hutchinson, Lackey and Applebee Streets in the St Peters Triangle. Submissions close 1 December 2021.

In Transport’s Sydney Park Junction public consultation from 6 September to 4 October 2021, you told us the proposed right turn restrictions into and out of May Street from the Princes Highway would affect travel around the St Peters triangle.

To ease traffic flow around St Peters triangle, Transport proposes to:

  • Create a new entry point by allowing a right turn from May Street into Applebee Street
  • Introduce two-way traffic flow on Applebee Street between Hutchinson Street and May Street by removing approximately six kerbside parking spaces
  • Reverse the direction of traffic movement on Lackey Street and Applebee Street.

View the November 2021 community update (PDF, 969Kb) for more information.

SEP 2021

SEP 2021Have your say by Monday 4 October

Have your say at the Sydney Park Junction Virtual Information Centre

Transport for NSW is proposing to return space for the community to enjoy and improve connectivity around St Peters, Sydney Park and King Street. We welcome your comment on the Review of Environmental Factors, as well as the key features we are proposing to make the area around St Peters and King Street in Newtown more walkable, bikeable and connected to Sydney Park’s green spaces.

Project information

Transport for NSW proposes to provide improved connectivity around Princes Highway, King Street and Sydney Park Road in collaboration with the City of Sydney and the Inner West Council.

Transport proposes to improve safety, connectivity, efficiency and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists between Princes Highway, King Street and Sydney Park by:

  • Increasing pedestrian and bike links and crossings
  • Creating dynamic community spaces
  • Upgrading bus stops
  • Improving landscaping
  • Improving links to Sydney Park’s green space.
  • Reducing speed limits to 40 kilometres per hour on Princes Highway between Campbell Street and Goodsell St
  • Creating a permanent two-way separated cycleway on the Princes Highway between Goodsell and King Street
  • Upgrading the current temporary pop-up cycleway on Sydney Park Road between King Street and Mitchell Road.

Sydney Park Junction aims to improve connectivity on the Princes Highway King Street corridor around St Peters and Sydney Park. We want to create dynamic community spaces for the community to use in diverse ways in order to make St Peters a more enjoyable place to walk, bike and socialise, and to make it easier to access Sydney Park from the Princes Highway.

Transport invited community feedback on the Pop-up Cycleway installed in July 2020 as an emergency response to COVID-19. We received 400 submissions on a range of topics in June 2021. That’s why Transport is proposing to redesign Sydney Park Road, incorporating the cycleway as part of Sydney Park Junction, in collaboration with the City of Sydney Council and Inner West Council.

Transport has carried out a detailed environmental assessment available in the Sydney Park Junction Review of Environmental Factors, available at the Sydney Park Junction virtual information centre.

If approved, construction on the project is expected to begin in early 2022 and will take up to 20 months to complete.

Find out more by visiting our virtual information centre at Park Junction.

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Community updates

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November 2021 community update

Have your say St Peters Triangle traffic movements.

September 2021 community update

Sydney Park Junction - Walking, cycling and public domain improvements.



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