Thompson Road

Mitchell Highway safety upgrade - Thompson Road

The NSW Government is committed to improving road safety in the regions. As part of the $1.9 billion invested to deliver the NSW Road Safety Plan 2021, $640 million was committed to the Saving Lives on Country Road initiatives for infrastructure safety upgrades, with $217 million committed during the 2020/21 financial year.

In order to improve safety, Transport for NSW is delivering improvements on the Mitchell Highway at Thompson Road between Orange and Molong with $2.98 million funding from the NSW Government.

Thompson Road

Mitchell Highway and Thompson Road intersection.

Latest news

NOV 2021

NOV 2021Night detour delayed

Due to a poor weather forecast, the planned detour of the Mitchell Highway between Orange and Molong for night work at the Thompson Road intersection has been delayed until further notice. Residents will be notified when an updated schedule is confirmed.

Project information

Transport for NSW is committed to road safety in the regions and has been liaising with local residents regarding road safety improvements at the Mitchell Highway and Thompson Road intersection.

Transport for NSW also met with local residents on site in March and committed to prioritising the delivery of further safety improvements.

Survey work was carried out in the first week of August and a detailed design plan has been finalised as a priority.

Safety upgrades will commence on Monday 18 October 2021 which include minor road widening, the replacement of the existing guardrail as well as a right turn into Thompson Road which will allow motorists to pull into a dedicated lane and wait safely to turn right


Thompson Road map

  • A detailed design plan is being finalised as a priority with survey work completed in August. The survey information is currently being incorporated into the concept design.
  • Utilities are also being located on site to be completed by September.
  • Upgrades will commence in late October 2021

Project documents

Project notifications

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October 2021 project notification

Safety work on Mitchell Highway and Thompson Road intersection continuing from Wednesday 27 October

July 2021 project notification

Reduced speed on the Mitchell Highway near Thompson Road in Orange.


Media releases

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18 October 2021

Safety upgrades at Mitchell Highway intersection with Thompson Road set to begin

12 July 2021

Reduced speed limits along Mitchell Highway near Thompson Road in Orange.



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