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Rozelle Parklands working group

Project information

  • What is a UDLP?
    • It is a design plan, required by the Minister’s Conditions of Approval that will determine items including landscaping, tunnel portals, tunnels, service buildings, bridges, retaining walls, pedestrian and cyclist access, lighting and wayfinding, heritage, monitoring and maintenance.
    • The Rozelle Interchange project prepared an Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) in consultation with Inner West Council, the community, affected landowners and business and external designers.
    • It was approved by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces in May 2021.
    • It includes provisions for two sports fields and four multi-purpose courts within the Parklands precinct.
    • It does not determine the recreational and sport use or maintenance for facilities not described within it.
  • What is the RPWG?
    • Additional areas outside the scope of the UDLP were referred to the Rozelle Parklands Working Group (RPWG): a group established to determine the Parklands’ optimal end state and to ensure that all perspectives are being considered.
    • The Minister accepted the Working Group Recommendation Report in December 2021.

The Working Group was established to determine the optimal uses for the Rozelle Parklands that includes the recreation and sport overlay (including any required facilities) for the parklands and to ensure all perspectives were considered across government, council, community and relevant groups, to provide the best outcome for the local community.

The Working Group provided a forum for collaboration between group members to enable a fair, sustainable, productive and sensitive outcome.

The first of four Working Group meetings took place on 10 February, where the Group started the collaborative process to arrive at recommendations for the parklands. The draft Recommendations Report will be presented to the Minister for Transport in mid-2021.

Three members of the RPWG have strong connections to the community and committed to exchanging information through their local channels to ensure community views are considered in the recommendation.

The community representatives included three local residents and two representatives from Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, two representatives from Inner West Council, two from NSW Office of Sport, one from Transport for NSW and an Independent Chair.

The community and stakeholder engagement consultation process has now been completed.

To view the Meeting minutes, Meeting presentations and regular updates, please View the project documents The final recommendation will be available on this webpage.

For further information about the Rozelle Interchange project or the Working Group, please email

  • Transport for NSW is currently looking at the feasibility of all the recommendations in the Working Group Recommendation Report.
  • Firstly, the Rozelle Railyards will be backfilled with 65,000 tonnes of topsoil and landscaped with 3,034 trees.
  • After this, urban design elements will start being built, including:
    • an oval
    • a rectangular sporting field
    • multipurpose courts
    • a facility building
    • provision of lighting for the sporting fields and courts.
  • Transport for NSW and Council will also work through a car parking study to accommodate visitors to the Parklands.
  • The Parklands will be open to the public in the first quarter of 2024.

To view the full Terms of Reference for the Rozelle Parklands Working Group, please view the Terms of Reference or email to request a copy.


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