Road Safety Stimulus Program

Road Safety Stimulus Program The Australian and NSW Governments are investing more than $400 million to improve safety and reduce crashes on NSW roads.

Transport for NSW will deliver hundreds of road safety projects across NSW, all designed for the protection of vulnerable road users, to reduce road trauma and save lives. These projects will also support more than 2,500 direct and indirect jobs, as the economy recovers from COVID-19.

Highways and roads are being upgraded through road safety treatments. These include shoulder sealing and the installation of rumble strips (see our video to find out more) that support the safe return of vehicles from the shoulder into the travel lane; physical barriers to prevent run off road crashes; and median treatments to prevent head-on vehicle collisions.

Vulnerable road users, like cyclists and pedestrians, in urban areas will be see greater protections through road safety upgrades to include traffic calming, separated cycleways, and the installation of raised pedestrian crossings.

Transport for NSW is required to provide road safety data and report against road safety metrics, as part of The Australian Governments $3 billion allocated nationally over three years from 2020-21. For more information about your specific project, including contact details, see our notifications section below.

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