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NOV 2021

NOV 2021Jervis Bay Road to Hawken Road priority upgrade

The Federal Government has committed $400 million and the NSW Government will contribute $100 million to stage 1 of the Jervis Bay Road to Sussex Inlet Road upgrade project – Jervis Bay Road to Hawken Road. The prioritisation of the northern section follows assessments into safety, traffic efficiency, connectivity needs and environmental conditions.

Transport for NSW thanks the community for their feedback on public and active transport options as well as how the highway upgrade can support the sense of place and contribute to social and economic activity in Falls Creek, Tomerong and nearby communities. The environmental assessment and concept design will be on display as the project progresses.

View a diagram (PDF, 162Kb) of the prioritised area.

SEP 2021

SEP 2021Investigations continuing to inform the concept design

Geotechnical investigations, utility and ground surveys, environmental and heritage investigations are being carried out to get a better understanding of the environmental conditions of the project area and refine the design. Consultation with the business community had recently been completed to understand the social and economic impacts and opportunities of the project.

The project will improve safety, resilience and reliability of the highway.

More details will be provided on the corridor alignment, intersection types and how to access local roads and properties.

For more information view or download the September 2021 update (PDF, 1.12Mb).

JUN 2021

JUN 2021Consultation Summary Report

The Consultation Summary Report for the Preferred Strategic Corridor Option for the upgrade of the Princes Highway between Jervis Bay Road and Sussex Inlet Road has been released.

Thank you to those who provided feedback during our consultation period. The Consultation Summary Report assesses your feedback on the Jervis Bay Road to Sussex Inlet Road upgrade.

The upgrade of the Princes Highway between Jervis Bay Road and Sussex Inlet Road would help transform communities, create better and more mobile regional centres, deliver a more resilient transport network, improve safety, ease traffic congestion and grow regional economies.

During the consultation period, we received 277 responses to the online survey and via email. Of the 277 responses, 1185 items were identified, and these were categorised into nine themes, which included:

  • Safety, traffic and transport
  • The preferred strategic corridor
  • General project detail
  • Socio-economic impacts
  • Environment, bushfire /incident resilience
  • Consultation
  • Out of scope comments
  • Project need and justification

View the Consultation Summary Report (PDF, 2.82Mb).

Transport has awarded Cardno Pty Ltd the concept design contract for the project, and they will partner with Transport to identify the preferred option for the highway upgrade. The preferred option will include more details on corridor alignment, intersection types and access arrangements. The community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the preferred option.

MAY 2021

MAY 2021Geotechnical investigations and surveys

Geotechnical investigations and utility and ground surveys will start in late May 2021 to get a better understanding of the environmental conditions of the project area between Jervis Bay Road and Sussex Inlet Road. This will inform the design of the Jervis Bay Road and Sussex Inlet Road Upgrade.

Work will be carried out until late August 2021, weather permitting.

To minimise impacts to motorists, traffic control may be in place intermittently and only in small sections of the highway at a time. This may affect travel times by up to five minutes. Workers will avoid peak travel periods where possible.

Any resident with geotechnical work being carried out on their properties will be contacted by the project team at least five days before the work is planned, or as previously agreed with the project team. The project team would provide more detail on when work is planned to start on or near your property, how long work may be required and explain any possible impacts of the work. For more information on this work read the May 2021 geotechnical work notification (PDF, 185Kb) and our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 359Kb).

DEC 2020

DEC 2020Thanks for having your say

Thanks for having your say on the preferred strategic corridor option.

We are considering community and stakeholder feedback as we further develop and refine the design and prepare a preferred option. An environmental assessment will then be completed to explain the potential impacts of the project and provide more detail on the proposed features of the intersection upgrade. We will continue to keep the community updated with more timeframes as the project progresses.

NOV 2020

NOV 2020Preferred strategic corridor option

Transport is planning to upgrade a 20 kilometre length of the Princes Highway between Jervis Bay Road and Sussex Inlet Road.

The upgrade would improve safety and efficiency on this section of the highway.

The proposed corridor of the Princes Highway will address the poor crash history in the area and improve efficiency while providing connectivity for homes and businesses. The preferred strategic corridor would:

  • Connect with the proposed design for the Jervis Bay Road intersection upgrade
  • Improve safety and traffic efficiency by planning for an upgraded highway alignment to include two lanes in both directions
  • Improve safety, performance and accessibility to key intersections, better connecting communities off the highway
  • Improve accessibility in and around Wandandian and Bewong and improve efficiency
  • Reduce congestion on the highway by bypassing east of Wandandian.

For more information on how the preferred option was selected, read the preferred strategic corridor option report (PDF, 5.94Mb) and our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 438Kb).

Engaging nearby properties

Immediately following the announcement of the preferred strategic corridor option on 25 November, members of the project team began door knocking all potentially affected properties within the 20 kilometre length of the corridor. This was to inform them of the consultation period and that field investigations may be required to prepare the concept design and environmental assessment. The features and alignment of the highway upgrade design have not been confirmed and property impacts are not known. More information will be shared with property owners once impacts are confirmed throughout development of the project. All feedback from the consultation period by nearby properties will be considered during the development of the concept design and environmental assessment.

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