Richmond Road and Townson Road intersection

Townson and Burdekin Road upgrade

The NSW Government has proposed a road network to support the forecast growth in the North West Growth Area. Over the next ten years, 33,000 homes will be built in the area and once fully developed, the area will be home to around 250,000 people.

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SEP 2021

SEP 2021Have your say

Transport for NSW sought feedback in February and March 2021 on the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for Townson and Burdekin Road Upgrade, Stage 1. To ensure the health and safety of the community and our staff we replaced face to face community information sessions with online information sessions on the NSW Roads Facebook page where you can watch the recording of this session or view below.

Thank you to all those who made a submission on the REF we will prepare a report and publish online.

Transport for NSW will continue to provide the community with updates as the project progresses.

If you have any questions, please contact the project team on 1300 367 561 or email

SEP 2019

SEP 2019Community information sessions

Transport for NSW held a number of community sessions in July and August to help inform our future road plans in the North West Growth Area.

We invited feedback until the 16 August 2019 and where applicable we are contacting individual residents to discuss their concerns.

We will keep the community informed as the design progresses.

In the meantime if you have any questions please contact us on:

Community information

Access within the North West Growth Area (NWGA) is restricted by the Richmond Railway line, which runs through the area in a north-south corridor. Existing crossings of the railway line are limited, with only two grade separated crossings at Schofields Road and Westminster Bridge, and two level crossings at Garfield Road and Bandon Road.

To facilitate growth and development in the North West, people that will live and work in the area, or travel through it, will need new infrastructure. This includes providing safe access to key facilities, as well as access to the wider transport network.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has granted Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) funding for Roads and Maritime Services to carry out the planning and concept design of Townson-Burdekin road.

The proposal runs from the intersection of Richmond Road and Townson Road, Marsden Park to the roundabout intersection of Burdekin Road and Walker Street, Schofields.

Transport is proposing a four lane divided road along Townson Road and Burdekin Road linking Richmond Road, Marsden Park in the west and Burdekin Road, Schofields in the east. The length of the project is about 3.6 kilometres.

The project consists of two stages:

  • Stage 1 involves an upgrade of about 1.6 kilometres of road extending from Richmond Road to south of Jersey Road.
  • Stage 2 is about two kilometres in length involving the construction of a new road between Stage 1 and Burdekin Road.

Project information

Benefits of the upgrade would include:

  • improving road capacity to meet future traffic growth
  • supporting residential and employment growth
  • improving road safety
  • improving connectivity between Richmond Road and Windsor Road
  • encouraging active transport along the corridor.

Key features of the upgrade would include:

  • a four lane dual carriageway separated by a median, between Richmond Road, Marsden Parkand Walker Street, Quakers Hill
  • connection to new residential developments
  • three new traffic signals intersections at Victory Road, Veron Road, and a new road proposed in the West.
  • a new bridge over the train line, south of Schofields Stationnew bridges over Eastern Creek and Bells Creek
  • a shared use path along the length of the road corridor connecting to nearby developments.

Corridor map

View or download a larger version of the map.

Project documents

Review of Environmental Factors

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Review of Environmental Factors

Main report and Appendices A to B

Appendix C

Concept design drawings

Appendix D

Urban design, landscape character and visual impact assessment

Appendix E

Traffic and transport impact assessment

Appendix F

Noise and vibration assessment

Appendix G

Hydrology and flooding

Appendix H

Surface water and groundwater

Appendix I

Contamination assessment

Appendix J

Biodiversity Impact Assessment

Appendix K

Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment

Appendix L

Non-Aboriginal assessment

Appendix M

Socio-economic Impact Assessment


Community updates

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February 2021 community update

Townson and Burdekin Road upgrade, Stage 1 - Have your say on the Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

July 2019 community update

Townson-Burdekin Road upgrade



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For more information, contact the project team:


Phone: 1300 367 561

Mail: Townson and Burdekin Road upgrade, Transport for NSW, PO Box 973 Parramatta CBD NSW 2124

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