Cambewarra Mountain, south of Kangaroo Valley repair work

Transport for NSW is carrying out natural disaster recovery work on Moss Vale Road at Cambewarra Mountain. As part of this work, there will be traffic changes on Moss Vale Road. We will keep the community updated as work progresses.

Latest news

NOV 2022

NOV 2022Detailed assessments completed on Cambewarra Mountain

Transport for NSW has completed detailed assessments of the sections of Moss Vale Road at Cambewarra Mountain that were significantly damaged by flooding and rainfall in February 2022.

Specialist consultants were engaged to carry out the assessments of seven sites on Moss Vale Road within the single lane traffic control area. The investigations included flying a drone fitted with LiDAR cameras to produce high-resolution 3D images of the landslip sites. Designs for the complex work required to stabilise the landslip areas are now being developed.

The community will be updated next once the program to undertake the repairs is confirmed.

A 3D representation of the landscape at Cambewarra Mountain including contour lines and water courses marked.

A LiDAR image taken by the assessment consultants shows a 3D view of Moss Vale Road at the top hairpin on Cambewarra Mountain without vegetation and helps engineers gain a better understanding of the slope conditions.

SEP 2022

SEP 2022Working to restore full access at Cambewarra Mountain

Transport for NSW is now focusing on restoring full access at Cambewarra Mountain after priority repairs have been completed at Barrengarry Mountain.

Transport will first carry out detailed assessments of damage to the road before designing repair solutions.

The damage caused by major flooding earlier this year was significant, which means carrying out equally significant repair work. This planning work must be finalised before an estimate can be made for how long it will take to restore full access at Cambewarra Mountain.

Transport will continue to keep customers updated as this work progresses.

JUN 2022

JUN 2022Safe access work

Restoring safe access on Barrengarry Mountain has taken priority in the ongoing disaster recovery works on Moss Vale Road. Work to restore full access on Cambewarra Mountain is ongoing with individual geotechnical investigations at 5 different sites, involving drilling 16 large holes, recently completed. The outcome of these investigations will inform future work.

MAY 2022

MAY 2022Camberwarra Mountain escort arrangement to end

Transport for NSW will close Moss Vale Road at Cambewarra Mountain for disaster recovery and maintenance work

We will carry out recovery work on Cambewarra Mountain between Barfield Road and Kangaroo Valley Road. During work the road will be closed to all traffic and the escort on Cambewarra Mountain will not be in operation. During the closure we will also carry out maintenance work including clearing drains, repairing guardrail, replacing signs and trimming vegetation. 

We will be working for three nights from Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 May, between 8pm and 4am, weather permitting.

From Thursday 12 May, access on Cambewarra Mountain without a traffic escort will be restored under single lane closures and alternating stop/slow traffic control. Up to 10 minute delays can be expected removing the need to plan around previous escort arrangement times.

Traffic Impacts

Residents within the closure area will have access to their properties at all times during the work.

Vehicles longer than 7.5m or heavier than 12 tonnes should delay travel as there is no alternative route for heavy vehicles to Kangaroo Valley. Access via Moss Vale Road will only be available outside of the closure times. Access to the Southern Highlands remains via the Princes Highway and Picton Road, adding 90 minutes to journey times.

Light vehicles will detour via Kangaroo Valley Road, adding around 15 minutes to travel time.

APR 2022

APR 2022Repair work

Moss Vale Road at Cambewarra Mountain, south of Kangaroo Valley, was significantly damaged by flooding and rainfall in February 2022. Escorted access for all Transport customers is available 24 hours a day across Cambewarra Mountain.

Escort locations and times:

  • To travel north to Kangaroo Valley
  • Departing intersection of Moss Vale Road and Barfield Road at Cambewarra to travel into Kangaroo Valley – on the hour, i.e. 5pm, 6pm, 7pm etc.
  • To travel south from Kangaroo Valley
  • Departing intersection of Moss Vale Road and Walkers Lane at Cambewarra – on the half hour i.e. 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm etc

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