Mona Vale Road East

Mona Vale Road East upgrade - Manor Road, Ingleside to Foley Street, Mona Vale

The Mona Vale Road East upgrade includes 3.2 kilometres of Mona Vale Road between Manor Road, Ingleside, and Foley Street, Mona Vale. The upgrade will improve safety with additional lanes, widened shoulders, a separated median and a heavy vehicle arrester bed.

Latest news

MAY 2021

MAY 2021Work update

We’ve moved traffic to the northern side of the Mona Vale Road, and in some sections, onto new road pavement. This will allow us to start work on the other side of the road.

Our standard working hours are now between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday and between 7am and 6pm on Saturdays. Due to daytime traffic restrictions and safety considerations, we will continue with out of hours work for some activities.

Out of hours work may happen between 8pm and 5am with up to three shifts per week, weather permitting. We will not work more than two consecutive nights in the same area. We will advise you before we start night work near your property.

MAR 2021

MAR 2021Road closures

Motorists are advised Ponderosa Parade at Mona Vale between Mona Vale Road and Jubilee Avenue will be temporary closed this weekend as work to install utility and stormwater drainage is carried out as part of upgrades to Mona Vale Road East.

Work will be carried out between 7pm Friday 12 March to 7pm Sunday 14 March, weather permitting.

A detour will be in place via Foley Street and Jubilee Avenue. Local access will be maintained.

Traffic control and a reduced speed limit of 40km/h will be in place for the safety of workers and motorists.

Motorists are advised to drive to the conditions, and follow the directions of signs and traffic control.

FEB 2021

FEB 2021Intersection closure

We will close the intersection of Foley Street and Mona Vale Road from Wednesday 3 February to Wednesday 10 February 2021 during standard working hours from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 1pm Saturday, weather permitting. We will be re-wiring the overhead power lines at the intersection of Foley Street and Mona Vale Road. In addition to this work, we will begin trenching work across Foley Street to install the underground electrical cables. The trenching work will be done during the day.

Mona Vale Road East upgrade overview
Mona Vale Road East upgrade overview

Project information

The NSW Government is upgrading Mona Vale Road from two lanes to four lanes between Terrey Hills and Mona Vale. The project will be staged to provide customers with a better travelling experience and to improve safety and traffic efficiency.

Mona Vale Road East experiences congestion as a result of the steep grade and limited safe vehicle overtaking opportunities which increases travel times. The proposed road upgrade for Mona Vale Road East would provide:

  • Additional lanes for climbing and descending to improve travel time in both directions
  • Widened shoulders and median separation to improve safety
  • 80km/h speed limit between Mona Vale and Belrose once the road upgrades for both Mona Vale Road East and Mona Vale Road West are completed
  • Facilities for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Bus priority measures.

The NSW Government is investing $140 million to upgrade Mona Vale Road between Manor Road, Ingleside, and Foley Street, Mona Vale, from two to four lanes to improve safety and traffic efficiency.

Roads and Maritime Services has awarded the contract for construction to Georgiou Group Pty Ltd. The construction started in January 2019 and is expected to complete in 2022, weather permitting.

Over the last several months we have been carrying out clearing activities such as removing vegetation in the project area. We have also been removing large amounts of unexpected asbestos contaminated soils from the project area.

Coming up activities include survey and investigation work to locate underground utilities between Mona Vale Cemetery and Foley Street including Ponderosa Parade and Samuel Street. We will also clear some vegetation in the area to enable the future road widening.

Some of the excess soil and rock from the Mona Vale Road East construction site will be reused at the Mona Wale Road West site to build an embankment in readiness for the future widening work on the Mona Vale Road West project. We have completed vegetation clearing in the section north of Mona Vale Road between Kimbriki Road and Tumburra Street, Ingleside as part of the Mona Vale Road West early work and preparing the site to receive fill material from the main work in the east.

The project team will continue to engage extensively with the community to minimise the impact wherever possible.

The key features of the Mona Vale Road East upgrade include:

  • Widening Mona Vale Road between Manor Road, Ingleside and Foley Street, Mona Vale from two lanes to four lanes with a central concrete safety barrier. The concrete safety barrier would be located from east of Manor Road to west of Daydream Street
  • Providing three metre wide shoulders along Mona Vale Road between Manor Road and Daydream Street to allow a safer area for breakdowns and on-road cyclists
  • Replacing the existing roundabout on Mona Vale Road at the intersection of Ponderosa Parade and Samuel Street with new traffic lights and signalised pedestrian crossings on all legs
  • Providing new bus priority lanes on Mona Vale Road on the approaches to and departures from the intersection of Ponderosa Parade and Samuel Street
  • Relocating the eastbound bus stop on Mona Vale Road near the Ponderosa Parade and Samuel Street intersection further east to the departure side of the intersection
  • Providing a three metre wide shared path along the northern side of Mona Vale Road for pedestrians and cyclists. This is currently being redesigned.
  • Providing a three metre wide shared path along the southern side of Mona Vale Road between Ponderosa Parade and Foley Street for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Changing the speed limit from 70km/h to 80 km/h once the road upgrade work is complete
  • Implementing a 40km/h truck and bus speed limit for the downhill descent from Ingleside Road to the base of the escarpment
  • Providing a truck arrester bed, for eastbound vehicles next to Walana Crescent
  • Building six fill retaining walls up to six metres in height and five cuttings up to 16 metres in height along the length of Mona Vale Road due to the local terrain
  • Providing fauna connectivity measures
  • Upgrading the existing road and cross drainage systems including the construction, reconstruction and extension of the road drainage network
  • Establishing temporary site compounds and stockpile locations during construction
  • Landscaping over the length of the proposal
  • Installing traffic monitoring cameras at all signalised intersections to assist with traffic management.
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