Manly Cove

Manly Cove

Manly Cove is an iconic and locally significant place. People and vessels have been part of Manly accessing the Cove by sea for centuries and continue to do so.

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FEB 2022

FEB 2022Manly Cove investigation works

Transport for NSW are conducting an overhead drone survey and marine ecology surveys at Manly Wharf 3 and former Manly Sea Life site. The information gathered during this work will provide an understanding of the existing environmental conditions.

The work is expected to be carried out over a two-week period from Monday 14 February, weather permitting.
Works will occur between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. No works will be carried out on weekends or Public Holidays.

You can find more information in the February 2022 notification (PDF,196Kb).

JAN 2022

JAN 2022Community consultation is now closed

We are currently reviewing feedback received about the proposed projects. Consultation was held from 15 December 2021 to 28 January 2022.

Transport for NSW would like to thank everyone who provided feedback during this time.

Once completed the consultation reports that summarises feedback received will be available on the project webpage.

Manly Cove projects

Transport for NSW is planning two separate projects, as part of the $205 million NSW Government stimulus funding for maritime infrastructure and safety upgrades, to improve the accessibility to and along the Cove for all people including those with assisted and unassisted mobility needs. The two projects involve:

Project information

We recognise the importance and sensitivity of the local Manly environment. Our proposed designs are carefully considering the potential impacts of the construction footprint on the local environment particularly the aquatic ecology. We have developed a factsheet specifically for Manly Cove (PDF, 330Kb).

The impacts will be further assessed as part of the strategic environmental investigations that will be carried out in the New Year to support the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessments for both projects. The associated impacts of the proposal on the environment and our approach to mitigate and minimise these impacts will be detailed in the environmental impact assessments.

The community will have an opportunity to review the environmental assessment and provide a submission as part of its public display, which is expected to occur in the first half of 2022.


How will the flora and fauna in the area (land/sea) be protected during construction of both projects?

Transport understands the flora and fauna nearby to both sites is sensitive and needs to be protected. Each project will be subject to an environmental impact assessment process, which needs to consider all the environmental impacts that need to be addressed in the development of the projects, and provide strategies to demonstrate how we will avoid, mitigate, and manage these potential impacts.  

We are expecting to have this completed in 2022. The community will have an opportunity to review these impacts, the proposed mitigation measures and provide a submission.

We have created a fact sheet for these projects (PDF, 330Kb) and how we identify, consider, and manage our environmental impact.

Transport for NSW has identified an opportunity to include designated recreational drop up and pick up zones within Manly Cove.

We are seeking your feedback about where and what the designs for recreational drop off zones could look like.

Transport will be working on these projects together so that Manly Cove continues to support the local community and those who wish to visit to work, rest or play.

Project documents


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