M4 Smart Motorway key benefits

There are six key benefits for drivers using the new M4 Smart Motorway.

Ramp signals - keeping you moving

A more consistent drive

Traffic conditions are monitored in real time and entry ramps signals, known as ramp meters, manage the number of vehicles coming onto the motorway with a quick change traffic light system during peak times. These tools ensure a smoother, uninterrupted driving experience.

Safer, smoother and more reliable journeys.

Safer journeys

Crash rates on Smart Motorways are reduced by up to 30%.

Travel time savings

Reduced travel times

Traffic keeps moving so overall journey times are reduced.

Real time information - helping you.

Current information about traffic conditions

Drivers will be able to see real time information on message boards to help them make informed decisions about their route before and during their trip on the motorway.

Improved incident management.

Better incident management

If there is a incident variable message signs will indicate the safest speed and which lanes to are usable. These variable signs help improve access for safety crew and emergency vehicles.

Reduction in vehicle emissions

Reduced vehicle emissions

When traffic flow is improved and there is less stop-start driving, vehicles have better fuel consumption and produce fewer emissions.

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