Aerial image of Erskine Park Road and the M4 Motorway

M4 Roper Road westbound on ramp project

This project will improve access and road capacity for motorists, helping to ease congestion in St Clair and Erskine Park.

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APR 2021

APR 2021Community consultation has been completed

The community consultation report has been finalised from the Have Your Say period from late 2020. Transport would like to thank everyone who contributed their feedback to the project. A copy of the report and the close of consultation report is now available in the project documents.

Project information

Erskine Park Road is located in St Clair and Erskine Park and connects Roper Road at the overpass of the M4 Motorway. This interchange between the M4 and Erskine Park Road/Roper Road contains only east facing ramps which means motorists travelling west, coming south of the M4 must drive through local, residential streets to join the motorway. This has increased traffic through the local roads, causing traffic congestion and safety issues for pedestrians and cyclists through this area in St Clair.

In 2020, it was announced that a $20 million investment would be committed to develop and deliver a new west facing ramp. This would provide direct access onto the M4 Motorway from traffic travelling north from St Clair. Transport are now working to complete the new ramp in order to have it open and running by 2022.

The M4 Roper Road westbound on ramp project is an important initiative that will support the ongoing growth and development of the Erskine Park Industrial Area and the Western Sydney International Airport.

This project has been designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced travel times between St Clair, Erskine Park and Penrith
  • Improved travel reliability for local road users
  • Improved connectivity to the M4 Motorway for local road users
  • Easing congestion now and preparing for increased traffic demand in the future
  • Providing an additional route option to Penrith and the Blue Mountains for the local communities at St Clair and Erskine Park.
  • One new west facing ramp from Erskine Park Road onto the M4 Motorway.
  • The ramp will provide access to the M4 for traffic travelling in both directions on Roper Road and Erskine park Road.
  • The existing intersection will be reconfigured to accommodate a new ramp.
  • During construction some of the existing bridge will be excavated to allow for the new ramp to be developed.

From Monday 23 November to Wednesday 16 December 2020, Transport is inviting the community to provide their feedback on the work we are planning for this project. This feedback is important for helping the project team plan and develop the final outcome for the new ramp.

After the consultation period has closed, Transport will publish the results on the website and include the relevant feedback in the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) report in January 2021.

Keymilestones for this project include:

  • Q1 2021 Review of Environmental Factors report finalised
  • Q3 2021 Construction commencement
  • 2022 Construction completed.

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April 2021

Close of consultation update

November 2020

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23 November 2020

Your say on proposed new M4 Roper Road westbound on ramp



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