Linden Street public FAQs

Public FAQs

Motorists who use the Linden Street Corridor to make a daily return journey between Menai and Sutherland – in both the morning and afternoon peak – could save up to eight minutes each day. The amount of time you save will vary based on a range of factors like: what time of day you’re travelling, where you’re coming from and going to, and how often you use Linden Street i.e. once or twice a day.

Please note, this projection is based on our traffic modelling and may not apply for all motorists. It is the maximum projected time saving.

The Linden Street Corridor is a key east-west connection between the Bangor Bypass and the Princes Highway. It is used by around 6,000 motorists and 500 bus passengers an hour in peak periods and is crucial to keeping people moving around the Sutherland Shire and greater Sydney.

Right now, motorists struggle to get through this “pinch point” in peak periods and are left sitting in a queue of traffic. It is particularly difficult for people traveling between Menai and Sutherland, as getting through this short, 500m stretch of road feels like a much longer journey. This is why the NSW Government has a plan to bust congestion on Linden Street by adding an extra lane between River Road and Leonay Street, Sutherland to give you back up to eight minutes of your own time every day. We are also proposing changes to traffic movements to improve safety, traffic flow and journey reliability.

At this stage the project does not plan to acquire any residential properties. As part of the road widening between River Road and Leonay Street we may need to make minor adjustments to some properties that are next to the road. These changes are likely to involve driveway adjustments and conversations will be held with directly affected residents.  

To widen the road and deliver this project, we may also need to acquire a small amount of Government-owned land. This will be confirmed during detailed design.

Once we have obtained environmental approvals and finalised the road design, construction is estimated to  take up to two years. So we can finish work as quickly as possible, it is likely we will need to work up to five nights in a row when we start work. We will keep key stakeholders, nearby residents and road users up to date on what is happening as the project progresses.

When considering how to reduce congestion on the State’s main roads, we weigh up all the competing demands at an intersection and on the wider corridors we are trying to improve. The upgrades we are proposing give priority to the through traffic movement along Linden Street, a key east-west connection between the Bangor Bypass and the Princes Highway.

We are proposing to ban the through movement on The Grand Parade and remove the left turn into Galga Street. These changes will improve safety and traffic flow on Linden Street for thousands of road users.

To make the changes easier to get used to we have mapped out our suggested alternative routes above. The longest detour will add no more than a couple of extra minutes to your trip.

As both alternate routes use Leonay Street, we are proposing to upgrade the traffic lights at this intersection. By adding in turning arrows, it will be easier and safer for road users to turn right onto Linden Street.

Yes, to carry out the project we will need to trim or remove trees within the project area. We are still investigating how many trees might need to be removed and will work with independent arborists and ecologists to determine the extent of any tree removal. A “Review of Environmental Factors” is being prepared to assess the project’s potential environmental impacts and outlines what measures we will take to manage and mitigate these impacts.

We will also work with Sutherland Shire Council to provide offset planting for any trees removed by the proposed improvement works.

So we can capture and respond to your feedback, we encourage you to use the online survey below. You can also share your feedback via email, over the phone, or in person. Details are below:

  • Calling our Project Manager, Brad Findley, on 1800 572 114 during business hours
  • Email:
  • Writing to Gateway to the South Project Team, Transport for NSW, PO Box 973, Parramatta, NSW, 2124
  • Talking to us in person at an information kiosk
  • Completing our online survey at

Yes. We will be in your local area during August to talk about the improvements to Linden Street, Sutherland. Members from the project team will be available to answer your questions at:

Club on East

7 East Parade, Sutherland, NSW, 2232

  • 4pm to 7pm Thursday 1 August
  • 10am to 1pm Saturday 3 August

Menai Marketplace

152-194 Allison Crescent, Menai, NSW, 2234

  • 4pm to 7pm Thursday 8 August
  • 10am to 1pm Saturday 10 August
  • Saving up to eight minutes on a daily return journey in busy periods between Menai and Sutherland.
  • Getting traffic moving on this corridor by reducing congestion and improving traffic flow at this pinch point.
  • Improving safety for road users.

Upgrades at River Road and Linden Street

  • Road widening to provide an extra through lane for traffic heading south towards Sutherland.
  • Moving the existing concrete median and traffic islands to create space for the extra lane.
  • Changing the road markings on Linden Street so both lanes can turn right onto River Road to head north towards Menai.
  • Removing the left turn from Linden Street into Galga Street to improve safety and reduce the risk of collision.
  • Redirecting the existing footpath running alongside Linden Street through Galga Street and Oakwood Street to allow room for the extra lane.
  • Adjusting the traffic light phasing to give more green light time to the busiest parts of the intersection.
  • Tree removal, trimming and landscaping.

Upgrades at Linden Street and Leonay Street

  • Road widening to create an extra lane for traffic traveling south on Linden Street towards Sutherland.
  • Moving the existing concrete median and traffic lights to create space for the extra lane.
  • Adding right-turn arrows to the Leonay Street traffic signals to allow easier and safer right turns onto Linden Street.
  • Tree removal, trimming and landscaping.

Upgrades at Linden Street and The Grand Parade

  • Road widening to create an extra lane for traffic traveling north on Linden Street towards Menai.
  • Installing a traffic island so road users can only turn left and right out of The Grand Parade.
  • Adjusting the traffic light phasing, taking the time from the through movement on The Grand Parade and giving it to the busier parts of the intersection.
  • Tree removal, trimming and landscaping.

Pinch points are traffic congestion points, intersections or short lengths of road at which a traffic bottleneck exists slowing down the broader network. They cause a build up of traffic and travel delays at these spots and on the wider road network.

The NSW Government announced a commitment of $40 million for the Linden Street project on 21 February 2019. However, the final budget for this upgrade will be determined as design and investigation work is carried out in coming months.

Projects in construction:

  • Intersection improvements at Taren Point Road, Captain Cook Drive and The Boulevarde began in February 2019. When work is complete we will have widened Taren Point Road to create a new right turn lane into The Boulevarde.
  • Work to build the Kirrawee Pedestrian Bridge began in March 2019. When the bridge is finished it will improve accessibility for local residents, children and members of the community with mobility requirements.
  • Early work for Intersection upgrades for Elouera Road, Cronulla are complete. Major work to create a new right turn lane from Elouera Road onto the Kingsway will start in mid-2019.
  • Work is continuing for improvements to the intersection of Princes Highway with Kingsway, Oak Road and Acacia Road, and the intersection of Acacia Road with President Avenue. These upgrades will help improve traffic flow, travel times and safety for all road users.

Finished projects:

  • Work on Princes Highway and Port Hacking Road intersection finished in March 2019. The project widened Princes Highway to allow more vehicles through the intersection in busy periods. We also created a new bus bay to ease eastbound congestion on Princes Highway, and installed new pedestrian lights at Madeira Street.
  • Three intersections upgrades on Kingsway opened to traffic in 2018 and are now saving road users up to six hours a year in travel time between Caringbah and Cronulla.

The NSW Government is always looking at ways to manage congestion and improve travel times across the road network.

While significant work to address congestion has already been carried out, there is still more to do.

Transport for NSW is continuing to investigate low cost, high benefit solutions which will maximise efficiency of the existing road network.

The NSW Government has now invested more than $1.2 billion in easing congestion and improving traffic movements at critical pinch points.

In October 2018, Transport for NSW completed work on 163 projects as part of the $225 million Pinch Point Program, which includes 62 intersection upgrades, the installation of 33 electronic message signs and 68 CCTV cameras.

Work is also continuing on a number of projects as part of the $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program and the $300 million Gateway to the South Pinch Point Program.

In March 2019, the NSW Government announced a $450 million investment to remove 12 pinch points.

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