Queens Bridge

Queens Bridge

Transport for NSW will carry out maintenance work on Queens Bridge over the Queanbeyan River.

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SEP 2022

SEP 2022Temporary road closure

Due to the announcement of a National Day of Mourning for Her Majesty the Queen on Thursday 22 September, Collett Street under the Queens Bridge will close on Monday 26 September.

Collett Street will be closed to traffic 24hrs a day for up to six weeks, weather permitting. Detours will be in place.

Concrete barriers and traffic control will be in place to redirect traffic onto the alternative routes. Pedestrian access under bridge will be maintained on both sides. Parking opportunities on the western side of Collett Street will not be impacted. There will be no changes to traffic on the Kings Highway over the Queens Bridge.

Motorists are advised to drive to the conditions, allow an additional five minutes travel time and follow the directions of signs and traffic control.

Queens Bridge - Work areas, closures and detours

Project information

Testing of the paint on the Queens Bridge, identified quantities of lead that exceed acceptable levels.

Transport will remove the lead paint from the steel girders under the Queens Bridge by method of abrasive blast. Works will be conducted using ground scaffolding at either abutment of the bridge and suspended scaffolding along its length, which also includes a state-of-the-art contamination containment encasing.

The bridge will then be repainted.

Closures and Detours

One lane will be closed under the north side of the bridge at Trinculo Place.

The closure of both lanes may be required at times. The community will be notified in advance of any potential traffic impacts.

When work starts on the south span of the bridge, both lanes along Collett Street under the bridge will be closed. Detours will be in place to allow traffic access to their destinations on both sides of the bridge. View the maps for more information.

Reduced Parking

Parking will be reduced along Trinculo Place during the work, including the temporary removal of one parking space on the west side of the bridge. The project site office will occupy two of the carparks on the eastern side of the bridge.

Other impacts

There will be some noise and vibration for the duration of this work. We will make every effort to minimise the noise for residents and complete this work as quickly as possible.

Night work may be included as part of this work. Residents will be advised prior to work commencing and the community will be notified in advance of all work and any potential traffic impacts.

Pedestrian access on the Kings Highway over the bridge will not be impacted by the project. Pedestrian access under the bridge will also be maintained on both sides of the bridge through-out the project.

The project will eliminate the risk of lead-based contamination caused by deteriorating paintwork over the Queanbeyan River and surrounding land.

The new coat of paint also has a minimum design life of 20 years, requiring only minor maintenance.

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Project map

Work areas, closures and detours.

Trinculo Place map

Trinculo Place work area and underpass closure.

Trinculo Place parking map

Trinculo Place work area and underpass closure.

Collett Street map

Collett Street underpass closure.



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