Junction Bridge upgrade at Rouchel

Junction Bridge Upgrade at Upper Rouchel

The NSW Government is funding refurbishment of Junction Bridge at Upper Rouchel, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the bridge.

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MAY 2022

MAY 2022Work to upgrade Junction Bridge will start from 23 May 2022

Transport for NSW will carry out the work, which involves site establishment, temporarily upgrading the side access road for a traffic detour, replacing timber components of the bridge including the bridge decking and abutments, repainting timber elements and sealing of the bridge deck.

Work will be carried out between 7am and 5pm from Monday to Thursday. Work is expected to be completed by April 2023, weather permitting. We will let you know in advance if we need to do any work outside these times.

Project information

Junction Bridge, which was opened in 1930, is a Dare truss structure located at Upper Rouchel. The bridge crosses Rouchel Brook and is one of six operable Dare truss bridges in NSW.

In 2019, following stakeholder and community consultation, Transport for NSW finalised a strategy for the sustainable conservation of heritage timber truss bridges where it was proposed 26 of those timber truss bridges would be retained, including Junction Bridge. It was proposed that Junction Bridge be listed on the state heritage register in accordance with the “Review of Bridges to be Retained under the Timber Truss Bridge Strategy Discussion Paper (2019)”.

Transport for NSW took over management of Junction Bridge in 2020 to restore the structure.

To improve Junction Bridge’s longevity and reduce future maintenance costs, Transport for NSW is upgrading the structure.

Throughout the planning process to restore the bridge, Transport for NSW has been sympathetic to the proposed rehabilitation works to ensure the bridge’s heritage features were retained.

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May 2022 Notification

Start of work on Junction Bridge, on Rouchel Road, Upper Rouchel, from Monday 23 May



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