Heathcote Road Bridge

Safety improvements for Heathcote Road bridge over Woronora River

Transport for NSW will deliver needed safety and widening works and make the bridge safer for motorists including larger vehicles.

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OCT 2021

OCT 2021Detailed design

We are currently finalising detailed design for the bridge improvements. Construction work is expected to start in the first half of 2022, and we will keep the community updated on the progress of the project.

JUN 2021

JUN 2021REF submissions report released - view it online

Thank you for your submissions to Transport's Review of Environmental Factors, on display from 16 December to 24 February 2021. We received a total of 48 formal submissions across a range of topics, including bridge duplication, the benefits of bridge widening, environmental impacts and koala fencing. We also responded to feedback during the Facebook Live information session of 3 February, which got 44,000 views from the community. We've responded to all your feedback in the submissions report (PDF, 8.71Mb) available now.

03 FEB 2021

03 FEB 2021Facebook live community information session

DEC 2020

DEC 2020Have your say on the Heathcote Road bridge REF

Visit the Heathcote Road bridge information centre to have your say. Transport for NSW has carried out an environmental assessment for the Heathcote Road bridge widening project. We welcome your comments on the Review of Environmental Factors, as well as on our management plans to minimise any likely impacts to the environment, biodiversity, heritage, soil and water around Heathcote Road bridge.

SEP 2020

SEP 2020Community engagement report released

Transport for NSW carried out community consultation on safety improvements to the Heathcote road narrow bridge in May and June 2020.

The campaign reached 210,070 people with 1,042 providing their comments.

The engagement findings are now available in the report Proposed safety improvements to Heathcote Road narrow bridge over Woronora River, Engadine.

Diagram comparing the widths of the current and proposed widened bridge, as described in the text
Diagram comparing the widths of the current narrow bridge and proposed widened bridge

Project information

The official name of the bridge is Bridge 152, however it is often referred to as 'the narrow bridge over Woronora River'.

For the community this bridge symbolically represents a time, some 75 years ago, when the bridge was all that connected the south to the west.

Built by the military the narrow Heathcote Road Bridge over Woronora River history dates back to 1943. The bridge sits over the Woronora River nestled amongst the spectacular Heathcote and Royal National Park.

Transport for NSW is making improvements to the bridge as it is limited in width, and has a history of community concern for motorist safety when crossing the bridge.

  • The narrow bridge on Heathcote Road over the Woronora River is over 75 years old, and its being improved to make it safer to travel.
  • We've listened to the community and their concerns that the bridge is in need of safety improvements. Narrow road lanes and shoulders of the bridge do not provide for the free and continuous flow of road traffic.
  • Investigations have identified improvements to lane and shoulder widths, including on the approaches that will bring the bridge in line with today's safety standards.
  • The plan is to carry out the works uninterrupted over six months to complete the improvements swiftly and reduce how long the community is affected by the bridge and road closures.

The key benefits to the community include:

  • improved road safety across the bridge
  • reducing the risk of potential road accidents due to wider lane widths
  • improved travel time on Heathcote Road between New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights and the Princes Highway, Engadine
  • support growth in Sydney's population by improving transport connectivity and better access to employment opportunities for the community
  • bridge improvements will preserve an important part of the local community's history

Thank you for your feedback, the REF submissions report is now available on the Heathcote Road bridge virtual information centre.

Once the decision to proceed has been made, final design will be completed. Transport for NSW will be able to advise the community about the full construction schedule.

We will continue to keep the community updated as the project progresses.



Quarter 2 2020

Facebook Live information session
3 June

Community consultation closes
5 June

Quarter 3 2020

Community consultation report

Quarter 4 2020

Review of Environmental Factors on display

Quarter 1 2021

Facebook Live information session
3 February

REF submissions report released

Quarter 4 2021

Detailed design for bridge improvements completed

First half of 2022

Early construction works starts

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12 April 2021

Plans for Heathcote Road Bridge upgrade powers ahead



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Phone: 1800 161 342

Enquiries: HeathcoteRoadBridge@transport.nsw.gov.au

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